Sharks don’t kill. You do.

Sharks don't kill. You do.

Have you ever gone swimming, and panicked because you thought that a shark was going to kill you? That’s not entirely inaccurate, but the chances are more slim than you may think. Guess how many people sharks kill per year? Just around 12 people per year. Guess how many sharks humans kill per year? It’s around 100,000,000. So who’s the real killer?

Why do so many people think that sharks are the killers? One reason is movies. A lot of movies make people think that sharks kill people, and that it’s fairly common. They do this simply because it’s a good topic, interesting, and not all that hard to do. The producers of shark movies write about sharks because it’ll get them more viewers, and because it’s easy to make a shark look like a killer, with its large body and teeth. One example is 47 meters down. The producers of 47 meters down made it seem as if the sharks really wanted to eat the two girls. But sorry to say the sharks don’t actually think you’re tasty.

Typically during shark attacks, the humans are at fault. For example, one shark incident  happened in the pacific ocean, when fishermen were fishing. The man accidentally got a shark on his hook. This hurt the shark, and it got angry, attacking the first person it saw, which happened to be Will. Will was just swimming, but since the fisherman angered the shark, it attacked. Will suffered a hurt wrist and a bite in his side. After 45 minutes of struggle he finally got away, and he survived the event. How truly dangerous are sharks? Another example is when a surf is surfing they think that the human is a seal because the shape seems like a seal to sharks.

Sharks very rarely ever attack, so if you refuse to go in the ocean or a boat, chances are you’ll be fine. Sharks only attack when they are confused or curious and even then they aren’t really attacking, they’re just checking you out. So, if you see a shark, don’t freak out; be calm and quiet. Don’t thrash your arms or legs, because the shark may think that you’re trying to hurt it, and it’ll attack.

 Some people subscribe to the myth that sharks will come to eat you if you bleed in the ocean. Yes, sharks can smell your blood and find you, but it’s not to eat you. So, news flash, you’re not that yummy. Sharks actually never swallow human meat. When sharks look for blood, they are typically looking for smaller fish, marine mammals, rays, and even other sharks. As you can tell, humans are not the shark’s first choice of food.

Humans are always saying a shark ate her, and killed him. But while you’re saying this, what do you think the humans are doing to the sharks? Sharks have better reason to be afraid of humans than the other way around. People fear shark because they have killed humans, but they haven’t killed nearly as much as humans have killed them. We are the ones to fear, not the other way around.