Are Ants More Dangerous Than We Think?

Are Ants More Dangerous Than We Think?


People are afraid of many insects, like bees and beetles. But most people don’t give a second thought to ants. They say things like, “You can just stomp on them and kill them! The worst they can do is sting you!” In many cases, this is true. However, there are many types of ants that can have much more severe results on people. In case you ever visit the coast of Australia and have an encounter with one of these deadly creatures, I have some facts that will keep you more careful.

The most dangerous ant in the world is a bulldog ant, which can kill an adult human. Within 15  minutes, the poison will have gone through your bloodstream and killed you. These ants are very aggressive and will attack for no reason at all. They can jump, and they have, “one of the worst ant stings in the animal kingdom,” says Laura Allen.

However, some of the others aren’t quite as aggressive. Other ants can cause extreme harm to humans: making them lose consciousness; or even die. There is even another type of ant, called the bullet ant. It gets its name from the many people who have experienced being stung by this horrific ant and have said that it was, “as painful as being shot.” They have also been nicknamed it the “twenty-four hour ant,” because the pain can last for up to twenty-four hours.

Ants are also exceptionally strong and fast. An ant can carry up to 50 times its own weight. They can run 800 meters every hour, which is about 800 times its own body length every minute. That would be like the average white male, who is five foot, ten inches, running almost an entire mile in a minute.  

Not only can ants be extremely viscous and strong, but another thing to take into account is how many there are. In the entire world, there are about ten-thousand trillion ants. That means that for every human, there are one million ants. In one queen ant’s life, she can lay about three million eggs.



                              Bulldog ant

One thing that people take comfort in knowing is that ants cannot survive in water. Well, think again. Ants can weave together to create a massive raft in just two minutes. They do eventually need to find land, but they can stay alive for many weeks, just in their raft. This is how ants can survive if where they live has been flooded. Fire ants that have been flooded are also much more aggressive than they normally are because they are aggravated. “Flooded fire ants deliver higher doses of venom because they have 65 percent more venom inside them compared to normal fire ants,” said Sarah Zhang, an author writing for The Atlantic.

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Ant Raft

Ants may seem insignificant and small, but they are sometimes very dangerous. These animals can be extremely aggressive and are capable of being very harmful to humans and other animals who mess with them. You may think you’re invincible when it comes to things that are so miniscule compared to us, but if you think about what these small creatures could do to you, you may want to be a little more cautious.