Mrs. Wilkinson


As she made her final point on how important word choice was in the book, The Giver, Mrs. Wilkinson said,“that’s all we have time for today, pack up your things and push in your chairs,” as class ends. Once the bell has rung and the class has exited, she walks to her car. Mrs. Wilkinson is about ‘5,3” and has brown hair and brown eyes. Most of you only know Mrs. Wilkinson as a teacher, however, in this article, we hope that you will learn a lot more about her.


There are a lot of things that you may not know about Mrs. Wilkinson. For example, Mrs. Wilkinson lived in Manhattan Beach during some parts of her childhood. In fact, she went to Mira Costa for high school. After high school, she went to many colleges including USC, and during her final college year, she dropped out. I guess you could call her a college dropout. After all her education, she went and made it legal for her to teach. She then became a teacher at Hermosa Valley School and taught for a few years then got married. You may know that Mrs. Wilkinson has kids, but did you know that her kids are step-children?


Mrs. Wilkinson is a serious teacher who doesn’t tolerate any misbehavior. In Mrs. Wilkinson’s 7th and 8th grade class, we learn grammar and vocab by doing something called Caught Ya’s. We also learn vocab by having test at the end of the weeks and we are expected to have memorized these words and also know how to use them in a sentence. In this Language Arts class there is usually no homework besides studying. What I think Mrs Wilkinson is most known for is she goes very into detail in talking about the books we read. In her class, we talk a lot about the significance and the deeper meaning of an event in the book that we are reading.


Many people view Mrs. Wilkinson as one of the best teachers in 7th grade. High schoolers have even said that she was tougher on them than their high school teachers. She knows how to bring out the best in you, but she has to be tough on you to do so. If Mrs. Wilkinson stops teaching, she hopes to make a living being an author. She said that sometimes during the summer, she will write if she is not busy. In fact, Mrs. Wilkinson had a career in journalism before returning to teach seventh and eighth-grade language arts here at Hermosa Valley.


In her past, Mrs. Wilkinson has played on her high school soccer team and even worked at the New England Patriots stadium which, of course, caused her to jump on the Patriots bandwagon. These hobbies and jobs came to an end when a friend of Mrs. Wilkinson’s invited her to a soccer game. The team Mrs. Wilkinson was playing against seemed new to the game. They were really out there for the fun of the game. The next quarter started and the ball got kicked in the air. Her and a player on another team charged the ball, and Mrs. Wilkinson jumped up to try and head the ball. The girl did the same thing, causing a collision that made it seem like she was doing a flip. When she came down, she landed on her arm, and was rushed to the hospital. She was told that her bone was shattered and couldn’t heal. If it did heal, it would take a would take a long time, so she got a titanium plate in her arm. This is Mrs. Wilkinson’s handicap and she said it really helps her depend on other people. For example, she can not hold groceries and if her one good arm is full, she can not even open a door to her house.


In conclusion, there is much more to Mrs. Wilkinson that meets the eye. She is a part-time author, has attended five different colleges, and has titanium in her arm. Not to mention that her mom teaches eighth-grade math down the hall from her. Mrs. Wilkinson has overcome many challenges in her life and has persevered to get where she is today. She is a great teacher and an even better person.