The Hyperloop


Ever wanted to travel 760 plus miles per hour? Using the Hyperloop, Elon Musk says you can travel from Los Angeles to New York in 45 minutes. The best part about this would be that a ticket would only cost $20. This idea might seem far fetched, however Elon Musk has broken other barriers in the rocket industry with his SpaceX company.

The Hyperloop is the future, it’s the train with rocket speed allowing humans to maximize  their traveling abilities, allowing them to make the most of the time that they have in their lives. The Hyperloop gets its speed from an airtight cylinder which is pressurized to propel passengers at incredible speeds without using any fossil fuels that could hurt the environment. The Hyperloop would use solar energy to gain the power necessary to run at high speeds. This achievement would change how our daily lives would take place. Businesses would run more efficiently and there would be less time wasted on travel. The Hyperloop travels in an airtight cylinder, this means there is no air in a room so the train can travel a lot faster.

Many people doubted him, but Elon wants to prove them wrong. Elon Musk is also the founder of the Boring Company, which has just gotten approval from places such as Los Angeles and Washington D.C. to begin drilling under their cities to install a Hyperloop system, sometime in the near future. Many people in the past have been skeptical of new innovations like the airplane and automobile, but this could be the next big idea of human travel. People trust him because he is so highly educated and has made many great inventions such as Tesla. He believes solar energy is the new future and oil is in the past.

Even though this seems out of this world, in 20 years this form of transportation will be used daily, and be common for our future generations. Elon Musk is going to start a network of hyperloop tunnels that will connect states to states, and soon countries to countries. Personally, I am excited to see the new innovations that will take place in my lifetime, and it is exciting to see that people like Elon Musk to push the barrier of what is possible. It is incredible to think of how far we have come in only 100 years, and we are still pushing barriers and making anything possible.

Overall, some might think that these ideas are crazy, but many things in history were considered impossible. Most of these ideas are now common to us and it is incredible to see what the future has to hold.