Why the Ocean Remains a Mystery


About 70% of our world is covered by water,  yet we don’t even know all of the animals that live in the oceans. Humans have tried for centuries to discover more and more about the ocean, but we haven’t even reached the lowest point. Our ocean is full of mysteries just waiting to be discovered.


The Pacific Ocean is the largest sea in the world, but we haven’t found out all the things that live in it. The ocean is home to about 228,450 species (that we know of) of different sea animals that live in about 1.1 trillion gallons of water. Think about this, only 3,000 animal species live in the United States. The farthest depth a submarine has ever traveled is 35,756 feet by The Challenger Deep. This is because the submarine was built to go deep depths. In fact, more people have stepped foot on the moon (12 people), than been to the Mariana Trench (3 people). The Mariana Trench is the lowest point below sea level on Earth. On the seafloor, mountains and valleys range deeper and wider than the grand Canyon.  


The main reason we haven’t explored more of the ocean is because the further we go down, the greater the pressure, and we have not made the technological advancements to beat the pressure problem. Also, another issue that is hard to overcome is the overwhelming darkness because of the lack of light that is about to penetrate the ocean water. Due to the fact we cannot see that far down, we have no idea what could possibly live that far down. We also can’t measure the seafloor because we have not developed the technology needed to reach through the sea water. Some of the most bizzare facts about the deep ocean is that there are some of the largest waterfalls underwater. This may seem crazy, but yes, it it’s possible to have underwater waterfalls. This happens when the current is traveling down and water gets sucked down with it. Also, most of the Earth’s volcanic activity happens underwater and the lava forms new land masses, such as Hawaii.


All life has come out of water, and it is incredible to think we know so little about the ocean itself. It is possible if we find out more about the ocean and what lives in it that we can use that knowledge to our advantage on land. Personally, I think it’s a bit fishy that we are the smartest beings to ever walk this earth, yet we know practically nothing about our home.