The Artsy Ms. Fuller


When kids in Ms. Fuller’s first period class come in, they will see the smiling face of of their favorite art teacher. She is setting up the room, rummaging through the drawers of supplies for the arriving students, while, of course, drinking her well-earned cup of coffee. Her light brown hair flies back and forth as she opens the door for the entering pupils.

From Vermont to Boston to California! Ms. Fuller has visited all 50 states except for Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Hawaii, and Alaska. She decided to travel to almost all 50 states because she loves explore. But don’t  worry, Ms. Fuller is planning on visiting all of the states as soon as possible. Although, it would be hard for her to go into the amazing ocean of Hawaii if she doesn’t know how to swim properly. Yes, this is true, but she is planning on learning soon, since she now she lives in sunny California instead of cold Vermont or Boston.

She sure is a world traveler! Ms. Fuller loves being outside and exploring new places. She also loves to go camping to see the wildlife and smell that fresh forest air. As we are on the topic of traveling, let’s talk about why Ms. Fuller moved from Vermont to Boston and now lives in California. Ms. Fuller stated, “I wanted an adventure.” She sure got one! Now, she is following her dream of being an art teacher.

Her jobs in Boston and Vermont seemed like they were very fun. She worked as an educational non-profit, which is basically working at a public school. Her other job was working at a sugar shack. No, it is not a candy store,  like we thought. It’s actually a place where syrup is made. That must be very sticky job! Ms. Fuller’s favorite part about Boston was the seasons. She especially loved fall. She liked the color of the leaves and how you get to dress warm. Ms. Fuller loved going to art museums and looking at the beautiful artwork others have created.  Playing in the snow that was actually her favorite part of living in Vermont. “Why does she like the snow so much?” you may ask. Well, it’s because she got to go skiing every day! She was definitely an amazing skier. Enough talk of Vermont and Boston, now it’s California time, her favorite parts about California are of course the weather, the beach, and finally, her awesome job at Hermosa Valley School as an amazing art teacher. She loves teaching all of the great students at our school. But her job isn’t that easy, it’s not just helping kids paint or use oil pastels she also has to deal with the students that don’t listen and goof off. The thing that annoys Ms. Fuller the most is students that don’t listen.

Ms. Fuller’s favorite part about her job is getting to do art all day long. She also gets to do different art project almost every week. If you are wondering what the seventh graders are currently working on, they are working with oil pastels. Ms. Fuller hopes in the future she can open an art based school. Yes, Ms. Fuller loves art that much. She stated, “Every single project will be art based.”

There are many things you most likely don’t know about this art teacher. She has a younger brother that lives on the East Coast. They talk on the phone often and they are very close. Her brother’s job is a forest ranger. Ms. Fuller is allergic to pineapple. Her hobbies include exploring new places and understanding their cultures. So far, she has no kids and is unmarried. She has no pets but really wants a dog, I mean, who wouldn’t!  When she was little, she lived on a farm. She had chickens and sheep. Ms. Fuller had chores to do out on the farm before school, which most kids out here don’t have to get up in the morning to milk a cow. What a cool childhood experience!

We decided to write about Ms. Fuller because she is a fun, pretty, young teacher. She is easy to talk to and layed back. She also has a really great sense of humor, and always has a new fun lesson plans. All of these are great reasons, but the main reason was because she is a new teacher at our school so we thought to find out more about her. Now has this article gave you a better understanding about this art teacher. I hope it has because we did to.

All in all, Ms. Fuller is a very talented artist and always makes her class interesting. I can’t wait to have this awesome teacher again next year!