Why People Think Pitbulls Are Bad


What do you think the worst dog breed is? Pitbull? These intimidating creatures may not be what you think they are. Why do pitbulls show aggression? When pitbulls are first born, many end up being selected and trained for their fighting ability. That means they may be more likely than other breeds to fight with dogs. Many people think that means they cannot be around other dogs, but that’s not true. If the other dog shows that they are trying to be the alpha, the pitbull will get aggressive. This is why people think that all pitbulls are aggressive to humans, but if you just show the dog love, support, and all the attention they need, they will be fine.

Some pitbulls are aggressive, but that is because of they way they were raised. Most pitbulls are very loving, and they are a great pet to have. They often know when something bad happens to you, and are loyal enough to try and help. They are very comforting, but you must understand that pitbulls are a lot of work. They can show aggression by jumping on you and getting their claws stuck in your skin, but only if they are not getting the attention they need.


Pitbulls can be very hard animals to keep up with at times. If you do not give them the attention they need, they can become extremely aggressive. They need as much love and comfort as they will give you. They can also beg, so when you have food, they will make an adorable face, so you get pressured into giving them what they want. They also need a lot of time outside, and a lot of space to run around and play in. Pitbulls are one of the strongest and most energetic animals, so they do need a lot of room to move around.


Have you ever wondered about getting a pitbull? If you have, you definitely should! They are the cutest, most loving, and the best breed of dog you will ever meet. Overall, pitbulls are awesome animals, if only you give them enough attention and love. Just make sure you do not have other animals if you get a pitbull, because the pitbull will show that they are the alpha and that can cause the pitbull to feel the need to compete with the other animal.