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Board Game Club: The Board game club meets every Wednesday at lunch in Mr. Coleman’s classroom. In the board game club you play new board games (not old ones like Monopoly, Sorry, etc) To join go to Mr. Coleman’s classroom on Wednesday at lunch. You can contact Mr. Coleman at

Creative Club: Each Monday, the Arts and Crafts club meets in Ms. Infusino’s room during lunch to draw, color, do origami and listen to school appropriate songs. It’s fun and open to all students. To join go to Ms. Infusino’s classroom on Monday at lunch. You can contact Ms. Infusino at

Friendship Club: Elementary Friendship club is every Tuesday at lunch in the MPR. Middle School Friendship club meets every Friday at lunch in the MPR. At Friendship Club you do activities to meet new friends. Anyone can join and the only requirements are you must attend regularly and you have to be willing to make friends. To join go to the MPR Friday’s at lunch.

Book Club: Every Thursday at lunch meet in Mrs Snyder’s room to read. At book club, a book is chosen and you, along with everyone else, read it at lunch. Then when you are done, you find the theme and other hidden messages.

Drama club: For all middle school students, drama club is every Thursday at lunch. It is in the MPR and is helped run by Mrs Fuller. There you can sing, dance, act, do make-up, make costumes, build props and many more. Everyone is welcome. If you don’t like to be on stage try working back stage. If you only like to sing, you can only sing. Before the end of the year, they put on a show and other students can come and watch.

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