Don’t get Killed by a bear

Don't get Killed by a bear

“There’s. The. Bear!” I stood shocked at the grizzly bear. What if it ate us? Do we look like yummy meat? We’re gonna die! These thoughts were going through my head as we saw him.

OK, so I may have exaggerated when I said I saw a bear in Lake Tahoe – it just walked past us.When my mom, my older cousin, Jared and I arrived at my grandparent’s house in Lake Tahoe, we walked inside and our whole kitchen looked like it had been flipped. The bear had found most of the food in the house. The bear, who we now call Cuddles, was able to open the refrigerator and the cabinets and took all the food. When we saw what the bear had done to the house, we went right back to the car, called animal control, and went to a hotel. The next thing we did was call our friend who can do handy work to come look and seal where the bear got in. While he fixed everything, we were inside, and my mom and Jared were both on their phones. I looked up and saw the bear! When I said, “There’s the bear!” only Jared looked up, my mom being too focused on her phone. When Jared saw it, he stepped on my mom’s toe and she looked up. And we stood still, not sure what to do, and the bear just walked past us. We didn’t look yummy after all.

Bears are very scary creatures. And if you take vacations or own a house where bears would live, you should seriously consider not being there… Okay, well, you don’t have to leave, but you should listen to the tips I have for you.

Bears don’t normally come to a campsite or a house unless you have food out or in a trash can. With their great noses, they will smell anything you leave out. For example, let’s say you drove to a hotel in Reno or some place with a multitude of bears and you leave any food in your car, those bears are on it, and your car may as well be dropped off at a junkyard.

When attacked by a bear, you need to stand your ground and be very loud. This way they know you aren’t trying to hurt them. Once you have its attention, talk to it in a normal voice. If it stands on its hind legs, it’s just trying to get a better look at you. Stay calm and make sure you don’t run from the bear. If you do, it will think you are trying to hurt it and and will then attack you. Bears don’t typically attack, so if you are doing the right things the bear will not, or should, not attack. If the bear does attack, use pepper spray, if you have it.  Spray the pepper spray when the bear is 40 ft away from you, and the bear will run right into the fog with its eyes wide open. The bear will get hurt and stop running at you. If you don’t have pepper spray, you should know that bears are very good liars. They will run at you and then stop mid run, but they are just trying to scare you off. However, do not run away if the bear runs at you. If you do run, well, just don’t; the bear shouldn’t come past halfway.

 OK so I guess bears aren’t that bad