Life After Sports

Life After Sports


After Sports

You once were a great athlete and you made millions of dollars, but you decide to retire. You are a third string player who barely makes it in any league, so you decide to retire. In every sport, there will always be someone younger than you who is more agile, so most of the older athletes are forced to retire or move teams. What happens when you embark on the journey of retirement after sports, and how long does the normal athlete last in the major sports of America.


In basketball, the average career length for a player is 4.8 years. Only the best make it longer than that. Many basketball players get easily injured or pull something, so sometimes they don’t even get payed for a full 4.8 year. The average NBA salary is 6.2 million dollars, but there are only five players who start, so if you are on a team and you’re not one of the best, you won’t get a lot of game time.


Football is a sport loved across America, but it is filled with hits, tackles, and slams, so how long does the average player last in the NFL? 3.3 years according Statista. Even the best barely make it past 3.3 years.


Baseball has been played in America before World War two, so have you ever wonder how long a career lasts in this non contact sport? The average player plays for five point six years. That is the longest career length out of the top three sports in America.


The average MLS career is extremely short. The average rookie player in MLS can expect to play for only two and a half seasons. This expected career span is the shortest when compared to similar studies made in other sports, and perhaps the shortest in US professional sports.

So what do many players do after they retire with a dream they had there whole childhood, and sometimes there money, ego, and fame? Many players take to coaching the next generation in that sport. Some announce retirement, then two years later join a minor league to fill the gap in there life after the dreaming of playing that sport for years. Others just live a relaxing life with there money, fame, big houses, and family. Everyone gets different paychecks, but everyone will retire.