Google Pixel Two VS. IPhone X

  1. Google Pixel Two VS. Iphone X
    The iPhone X and Google Pixel Two; have you heard of these new phones? Both are very expensive and supposed to be the very best. Some questions still remain… Which one is better? Are these two phones even worth the costly price? What is so good about them?
    Both of these phones come from a line of products from Apple and Google which are both very big companies and worth millions and millions of dollars. The Google Pixel Two is the cheaper phone, with the starting price of $649.” For the large version they are asking for on quote “ $700 for a Pixel XL .The iphone X has a starting price of $1500, making it the more expensive phone. Right now, you’re probably thinking this is an outrageous comparison, which is partially true. These two phones have nearly a $900 difference, so are they even worth it? Apple is a huge electronic company, so shouldn’t they have one of the best phones? Well, they do have the most popular electronics since 2000. The line of Google has been popular since 2016, but they haven’t made that many phones. This Pixel 2 by Google is the 2nd of their products, and for Apple at least their tenth. Apple knows a little more about phones, but both sides have top engineers and that’s all they need to succeed.
    The newest Apple iPhone, the iPhone X, has a ton of out of this world features. One of the coolest new upgrades is that you can take the iPhone X underwater! The new facial recognition feature scans your face (mostly your eyes) and can be unlocked with just you doing that. This means if you want to unlock your iPhone, you bring the device near your face, and then it will unlock.”Tim Cook calls the iPhone X and its Face ID system the “future of the smartphone.” We call it the current face of funny on Twitter. From the previous models of the y iPhone, there have been home buttons. On the new iPhone X, they dropped that home button feature, and that led to more screen space. Another, even cooler, feature is wireless charging. Wireless charging allows you to put your phone on a circular object instead of plugging it in. This allows the phone to charge on the circular object. Wireless chargers can vary in size and shape, depending on the manufacturer. This can be a lot more helpful and all around more efficient when it comes to charging. Apple also got some good quotes for example Techcrunch said “Like using the future of smartphones today.” Another quote was from Buzzfeed they said “The size is the real killer feature.”
    Even the most amazing features can have their downsides. When you take your phone underwater, it can’t go under three-feet. That may be the largest downside to the waterproof feature . The facial recognition feature is is the biggest thing, and mostly why buyers actually bought this product. This is the first phone that offered this feature. You can really hope you don’t have a evil twin or doppler out there. To allow your phone to charge on the wireless charger, it must have the case taken off. Otherwise, your phone won’t charge.
    The Pixel also has some great features that can make you buy this phone. It is almost all screen, just like the iPhone X. The Pixel can also go under the water, but only three feet, like the iPhone. This is good if you drop it and it accidentally goes into the water. The Pixel has four colors, which is nice. They are red, white, blue, and black. It also says to have “the best smartphone camera in the world” which comes with unlimited storage for photos, which seems hard to believe. The Pixel has your own Google, which is basically a personal assistant, like Apple’s assistant, Siri.
    There are some downsides to the Pixel Two, like all things. Some people don’t like the new Google phone because they don’t like the design and layout of the phone. It has no headphone jack like the newer iPhones, so you can’t listen with regular headphones. That means you can only listen with Bluetooth headphones. There are also USB headphones where you plug it in the charging jack. They even include an adapter if you want to use regular headphones. As you can tell, they both have pros, and cons.
    Now let’s talk about popularity. Of course the iphone x has the most popularity, just because it comes from a huge phone company, Apple. Apple has been selling phones since nineteen seventy six . Unlike Google, it is more like their first considering this only is their 2nd phone. This can still change still because the pixel phone has just started has could release a whole lot more phones like Apple. There is even talk about the new pixel 3, which means google trying to improve their phone business.
    The maker of the Nine hundred dollar Iphone company was Steve Jobs. To picture the story of how the apple phones started, think of a young adult at the age of twenty one bye the name of Steve Jobs, whom was in his parents garage making a prototype of a phone. This is how the creation of the iphone started. But unfortunately, Steve died at the age of fifty six from trying to cure the easiest form of cancer himself. He tried curing it in the natural way buy eating lots of veggies and herbs. But when Steve Jobs died, Tim Cook took over the company, and Tim Cook has been thriving the company forward since then.
    To get you to know more about the Pixel 2. We are going tell you more about the phone. As you may know google created the pixel 2. This is google’s 2nd line of smartphones. They are carried by both verizon and Project Fyi. The pixel has been bought a bought 4-5 million dollars. Google is mostly known by their website that searches everything. From that, they made google slides, google classroom, google sites, and much more. All this lead to the new lines of the phone.
    Both these phones are top quality and very good. They are both made by the biggest companies in the USA. We shared with you the pros and the cons of these phones.Now it’s up to you to choose your phone. I hope you liked this article on the up and coming new phone.