Instagram Safety


Instagram Safety


The internet is a great place to learn and have fun. It is fun due to connection to friends and the world. The world is a funny place, but it is also dangerous. Today, communication is mostly all on social media. There’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more, but with all these things come responsibility.  Social media requires maturity and responsibility because a wrong move could really hurt you, or other people.

Two years ago, I met a man who was an online cop. Not many people know what an online cop is. Well, an online cop is a cop who goes undercover as your average guy. He has social media and works to tracks down kidnappers or criminals through social media. There are types of online criminals (they can be classified as hackers) that can hack into your account and be harmful to you and your followers. The online cop’s job is to hack into accounts and access the criminals location and info with the permission  to do so. Thanks to these people, more of us online users can feel safer knowing someone is protecting us from these criminals. When I met this online cop, he taught us that location is very easy for others to find on social media. Instagram, for example, has a setting where it can access the location of where the photo was taken, and leave that on display. Many people have turned that off, but sometimes you want to take a photo…You could take one when you’re walking your dog and have a street sign visible. Guess what happens? The street sign is visible in the photo, and now a person knows where you live. This is why people need to be careful about what kind of photo they are taking and what’s in it.

Speaking of what photo you’re taking, sometimes people post inappropriate body parts, photos, actions, ideas, or writing. Many bad things are on Instagram as Leone writes, “Yes it’s available for teens aged 13+ but here’s the thing. Instagram is really a search engine for billions of images. Your child can search for anything on Instagram, cats, celebrities, dogs, funny photos and ….porn.” (Leone Smith).  These people should not be following you and you should never post a photo like this. I’ve learned of many times where a girl or boy posts or sends an inappropriate image of there body and it ruins everything. Stuff like this can cause people to lose their friends and destroy their reputation. You need to be responsible and smart about what you do and post.

There are two types of accounts. There are private and public. Something very dangerous about social media is followers, and people simply and clearly want followers. This is very true shown in the article written by Leah, “There are privacy settings on Instagram that allow you to determine who follows you. With privacy settings, sending out a request is the only way to become a follower of someone. This way is a lot safer than having a public profile because only those who you approve to follow you can see your pictures. Privacy settings also keep away unwanted followers because everyone who wants to follow you has to go through your dashboard and be approved by you. Without Privacy Settings on, it isn’t only your followers who can see your picture. Anyone can search your profile and find your pictures and profile if you don’t have Privacy Settings on.” (Leah DeCesare).


Some people have private accounts meaning they have to accept your follow request before you can see their posts. These people usually allow someone they don’t even know follow them. Here’s an example, some siblings follow other kids from their brother or sister’s school. Something that the online cop taught me is that many times kidnappers go undercover as a 7th grader or whatever and try to follow a kid on Instagram with a public account or hack into a private account. With a public account, anyone can follow you and see your posts,especially the kidnappers. Imagine that you live in Turkey,  and you have a public account. A man or women from Hawaii could easily follow you and access your location. The thing is you don’t know anything about this person, and they could harm you. That’s why people need to be careful on Instagram.

Let me ask, do you have younger siblings or know someone with one who has Instagram? Well if that kid is under 13 and they have Instagram they are breaking the law. Technically, that person is committing fraud. These people have lied to the government and to the app. Something bad about this is that 8 year olds can have Instagram. There is rarely a kid around that age responsible enough to make the right decisions on Instagram. So if you know someone under 13, make sure you tell them know what the policy states.

Even Instagram has taken safety precautions. You can report things such as cyberbullying, inappropriate photos, photos of taking drugs or selling drugs, or something someone has posted that is committing something illegal. See even Instagram has taken precautions like these. Many bad things are on the internet so think before you do.

One thing you may have heard about is Finsta, which is Instagram with a purpose to be funny and joke around with people’s posts. This sometimes influences people in a bad way. A person may fake smoking a cigarette as a joke or maybe add a bad word into their accounts name. While they think it’s funny, it might not be to the outside world. This could also worry people and make them think, is this actually a joke? Or is this something to joke about? It could cause people to look at you differently.

Something very important about Instagram safety is not getting influenced by the wrong things. For example let’s say in high school a group of teenage boys, the “cool kids” are smoking. You may want to be cool, but that does not mean it is the right thing to do. This could also happen with drugs, or anything that could lead to trouble. The average person may say, “let’s give it a try,” but it will only hurt the person, and their reputation. Bad people have Instagram so be sure to be safe.

One of the problems we hear most on the news is cyberbullying on Instagram. Here is an expert’s opinion, “Nope. Similar to other social networking sites, Instagram can be used by tweens and teens to cyber bullying peers. In fact, parents in Texas are filing a lawsuit about an Instagram account that cyberbullied their teen daughter for 9 months with 900 followers. The site by Klein High School students was titled “2014 Klein Hoes” and featured photos of one girl in particular. That specific account was taken down after the parents of the targeted girl got a restraining order” (Shannan Younger). This person was hurt and hurt badly. Imagine this happening to you. If something like this happens and a person has information on the  problem go to an adult immediately. Because the longer you wait the more suffering and person has to endure.

Instagram is a very dangerous if you do the wrong things. Such as not taking precautions with public accounts, who a person is allowing to follow them, or who a person is following, looking and taking the wrong type of photos, etc. can really harm a person and even the people around them. In the end if a person has Instagram responsibility is required. › Do More › Web & Search › Safety & Privacy › Advice & Confessions