Tempest Free Running Acadmey

Tempest Free Running Acadmey


What is Tempest, you’re wondering? Well, Tempest is a place to learn, and practice parkour , also for practicing tricks on trampolines. Inside the gym of Tempest there is multiple trampolines, and a bouncy soft ground for tumbling. Along with these features, there is a foam pit, and blocks for jumping from one to another. This is one of my favorite places to go when it’s not a nice day outside.

There are three tempest locations in the world. The three are located in the South Bay, North County, and the Valley. At the locations you can do all types of stuff. Such as you can  rent out the whole gym to yourself. Or they  have classes at special times for you to come in. Anything specific you want to learn, they will have it for you. Even if you want to mess around, they have open gym sessions.

Loads of people go to Tempest. From all sorts of Youtubers looking for fun to random people who want to have fun. Even some famous actresses go to Tempest. Parkour artists start here, then move to the big leagues. When I say big leagues I mean America Ninja Warrior. American Ninja Warrior is a competition that you sign up for and go through a big difficult course. The course tests your agility, strength, and your brain for strategy. You can catch this exciting show on TV.

Tempest first started as a clothing company. The company set out making parkour videos wearing the clothing. Some of the videos got millions of views. The company started in 2007. Later, in 2011, they opened the first store with loads of parkour obstacles  and trampolines to mess around with. In the stores they still sell apparel from clothes and shoes, to camera gear to get that perfect moving shot while doing parkour.

Tempest still makes parkour videos to this day and upload them on Youtube. For these Youtube videos they do a lot of editing, and put hours of time into them. Many of the people in the videos are stunt men on movies such as X-Men, Ghost Busters, and The Avengers. Tempest Freerunning Academy videos are everywhere on Youtube. If you look at the release dates on these videos, they date back to ten years ago at latest!

Though free ruining developed in France, Tempest thrives to spread the sport to other places in the world. The creators of Tempest are Paul Darnell, Victor Lopez, and Gabe Nunez. So in case you haven’t been there yet, go to Tempest now!