What is Virtual Reality?

What is Virtual Reality?

Throughout the ages, people have found more and more ways to keep themselves entertained. People also find ways to make those already existing kinds of entertainment better. In this article I am going to tell you about an example of technology improvement. I am going to talk about one of the ways people have turned something as simple as the concept of games into something so advanced that it doesn’t seem like it shouldn’t even exist. The thing I am talking about is virtual reality.

    Virtual reality is a machine that looks like a phone you put on your face, like goggles or glasses. This acts likes something you would play video games on or watch things on, but that’s not what makes it so amazing. The main idea of virtual reality is that all of this is done in 3-D. When I say 3-D, I mean that every thing you do while using the machine is designed to make it look like real life even though it’s not. Some things that it does to mirror real life include doing every action that you do in real life causes the same action to happen in virtual reality too. For example, if you wanted to say hi to someone while playing a game that uses virtual reality, you would have to wave or talk in real life to do the actions in the game. Recently, virtual reality has commonly been used to do things like playing video games and helping random people meet without having to have them see each other in real life. It has also been used to do things called 360 degree videos. These are videos that have 3-D environments that you can look around and see different things instead of just a video that is shown on a flat screen where you can only view from one angle.

    People can do all these things in virtual reality by using high-tech devices called virtual reality goggles, also known as a “V.R” headset. These goggles are needed to use virtual reality because it lets us actually see virtual reality itself. Think of it like using invisible ink. You can’t actually see the ink unless you use an ultraviolet light, kind of like virtual reality.

    While virtual reality may be mostly used as a way to entertain someone, it is also used in some other, unexpected, ways. Virtual reality is also used for things like teaching medical procedures or military training. We use virtual reality in this way to show what you should expect from whatever you’re doing by having people experience things. These things are done with virtual reality because they don’t have the consequences that would come from actually doing things like an actual life risking surgery or any other dangerous task. For example, in virtual reality you can ride a roller coaster without having to go to an actual roller coaster in real life or be a certain height to be able to ride it.

    I first experienced virtual reality when people brought it into the coding class that I was went to at the time. When I saw people using it, it looked like they were playing charades or doing something weird, but when I first used it my mind was blown. I saw fiction people all around me even though no one was there. I got so into it that I forgot that I was in virtual reality and tried to even sit down in the chairs that didn’t exist and eat the fake food in virtual reality as well. This was so interesting that I decided to write this article to tell more people about the amazing technology that is virtual reality.  

In conclusion, virtual reality can be used for many different things. You can also see landmarks around the world that you won’t have the chance to see otherwise. Virtual reality also provides the opportunity to speak to many different people around the world. Overall, Virtual reality is an incredible device to be developed and used in the future.