All You Need to Know About the World Cup

All You Need to Know About the World Cup


Everything You Need to Know About the World Cup

Everyone has heard of the legendary soccer tournament called the World Cup. This tournament holds the greatest title for a winning team. It promises glory and your name in the history of soccer. This tournament has the best teams from all around the world competing and the best national players on the field.

The World Cup is a prestigious tournament where the world’s greatest players that long for the trophy and one team has won it the most times, Brazil. Brazil has won a record of five World Cup titles. Other countries aren’t far behind though with Germany and Italy at four and with Argentina at three.

Getting to play in the World cup is very difficult. To qualify a team must be top one, two, three, or four of their group. They play many game over the course of the summer and soccer season to qualify. It is very difficult to qualify because the greatest players on earth are playing. One of the best things about the World Cup is how all of the World’s greatest players make an appearance. A few of these players are Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Pele, Maradona, Zlatan, Zidane, etc.

The World Cup consists of 32 teams who qualified through the World Cup qualifier competition. Then the teams are put into groups that play against each other and the two teams with the best record move on to the next round. Soon it’s narrowed down to the quarterfinals with eight teams competing to go the semi finals. four out of the eight teams will move on because there can only be one winner. In the semis the best teams play, and the two winners move up the the finals. The finals are nerve-racking and incredibly entertaining.

The first World Cup took place in July 30, 1930 where Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2. Since then, there have been 20 World Cup tournaments hosted by countries around the world. Every four years the World Cup happens. The last one was in 2014 which leads to the 2018 World Cup next year. Something that makes the World Cup special is that it doesn’t happen every year, so that makes it a need to watch. A person has to wait four years before the next World Cup tournament. A country gets to host the World Cup by a request letter sent by Fifa if a country accepts the World Cup takes place there.

The World Cup is an amazing, captivating tournament. People who don’t even know the rules of soccer watch the World Cup due to all of its glamor. The World Cup is the greatest sports tournament on Earth, nothing out does it. All in all the World Cup is a spectacle that you need to see, the fans roaring and the players in the spotlight makes for a nerve racking atmosphere.