All about Ms. Spurrell


By: Margaux and Jackson


“The mitochondria is the main power source of the cell, and the cell could not function without it,” Ms. Spurrell said as she taught her students about the different parts of the cell. As she teaches more and more about the cells, you can see she gets more enthusiastic about teaching her class. “Ribosomes float in the cytoplasm, but they are also attached to the side of the rough Endoplasmic Reticulum or ER.” she said, answering a question that one of her many students asked. Don’t worry if you do not understand anything of what was just said, because that’s why we have Ms. Spurrell!

We decide to profile Ms. Spurrell because because she is riveting, and she has a way to make science innovating and fun every day, so her class is never boring. Ms. Spurrell learned to appreciate nature and to respect it at a very young age. She has eight siblings, and she is the third oldest child. She has seven brothers, and 2 sisters. Her parents have great interest in nature, and they also love camping. Sometimes they would take the nine children camping altogether. They would go camping in the woods near a creek, and in the creek they would go and catch tadpoles, or “polliwogs” as she says it. A polliwog is similar to a tadpole, and with the tadpoles they caught, they would bring them at their house and watch them develop into frogs. When the tadpoles finished growing, they would let the frogs live in their garden.

Did you know that Ms. Spurrell wanted to be a dancer before she became a teacher, and she was a very good dancer too, but as she got older she discovered that she preferred biology. She also loved teaching so she decided to try being a science teacher.

Mrs Spurrell enjoys to sew in her spare time. She also love bird watching,  and playing the English handbells. “What is your most significant accomplishment?” I asked.

“My two daughters, who are great scientists.” she responded.

“What is one fact that most people that most people do not know about you?” I asked.

After she thought about it a little then said, “I jumped out of an airplane!!!” and after a few seconds she added, “with a parachute, of course!” then started laughing.

Mrs. Spurrell has a great vision of the future. Her dream is that children learn how important nature is, and why ecology is so important to us humans. Ms. Spurrell wants kids to see why is it important to take care of our planet. In addition, she wants children to enjoy outdoor school science camp in Catalina.

Some of Mrs. Spurrell’s inspirations are Bill Nye, Neil Tyson, and Jame Caddlle. Those people are her inspiration because she said, “Those people are one of the few who are interested in the science world and teaching about it to other kids or adults.” Know that we know who are her inspirations we asked some people what they thought about Mrs. Spurrell.

The first person we asked was Connor, and he responded with “She is a teacher that actually tries to stop distractions.”

We asked other people what they thought about Mrs. Spurrell and they had many different responses “Very fun labs” said Sydney

“Good sense of humor, and she once wondered if Mr. Hecker would float.” said Anonymous

“A very smart teacher,”said Casey.

And the last of the quotes is by Drew and she said ,“Very nice teacher.”

We asked Mrs. Spurrell a word of advice that could help us, and she responded by saying, “You have to be honest and truthful at all times, and always do the right thing for yourself and your community. And never stop learning!”

So, Mrs. Spurrell is an awesome teacher. She, in the words of her students is smart, hosts fun labs, is very funny, and is very nice. So next time you see a woman with short blond hair and a pair of glasses, wave and go say hi.