Hydrofoil Surfing


Hydrofoil surfing           

Many people love to go surfing, but another cool way to surf is hydrofoil surfing. You’re probably thinking, what’s hydrofoil surfing? Well, hydrofoil surfing is surfing on a surfboard with a foil at the bottom that makes you glide and fly across the water. When you are using the hydrofoil you hardly need to paddle. Once into the wave, standing up is super easy and smooth.

Hydro foiling has been around since 1995. Hydrofoiling first started out on a motor boat and has evolved tons  from that day. The evolution went from  boats to skiing, then boogie boarding, and finally surfing. Alexander Graham Bell created the first hydrofoil. Alex had also created the first phone. But unfortunately Alex is no longer alive, he died in August of 1922.

You’re probably wondering if hydrofoil surfing is a real sport, or just done for fun.  Hydrofoil surfing is a water sport just like wakesurfing,but it isn’t an olympic sport. There is still no sign of it being in the olympics any time soon.  Either way, it’s growing from famous people riding the hydrofoil. As in Kai Lenny, Kelly slater, and more pro surfers.

The board you use for the hydrofoil is a surfboard. From there, you bolt in the hydrofoil. The foil looks like a plane with a bar attached to it and the surfboard need a special slit in the back middle where your foot would go. Think of the finn holder   but for a large finn.

People can do insane stuff on the foil. From flips to other tricks, and spins. Usually on the hydrofoil surfboard you will be pulled behind a boat. Then the other times you use it on waves, or in open ocean swells. An open ocean swell is pretty much waves that happen in the middle of the ocean. Even some people have done it on a lake with a running head start.

With so much mass of the board, conditions will need to be perfect. The water needs to be deep for the foil to move up and down. If the water is choppy enough it will be hard to keep balance on the board. Along with that, you would not want to be on crowded water. If someone is trying to go under you most likely they won’t be getting away from the foil coming at them.

From what I have heard Hydro foil surfing takes a lot of practice to get a hang of it. I hope you enjoyed my article on Hydrofoil surfing. You should really try it sometime.

By, Kailer