The Origin of Music


Music, it’s something we listen to almost everyday. We use it for theme songs, advertisements and many other things in our day to day lives, but there’s one thing most people don’t know about music. Many people don’t know where music even came from in the first place and how it became what it is today. In this article I will be telling the story of how music came to be.

A long time ago, in prehistoric caveman times, our early ancestors gathered things like sticks and rocks and banged them together to make what many people would later call music, think of it like playing the drums or any other percussion instrument. This may have been the first use of music, but the banging sticks and rocks aren’t actually considered the first instruments. That title goes to a flute that was made out of things such as ivory and bones. These caveman used this early form music and instruments for things like religious ceremonies. It is believed the music was supposed to imitate animals or represent them in some way during these ceremonies. During this time, things such as paper and books weren’t invented and a way to write music down wasn’t either. This means that no form of music that has been written down existed during that time period. This kind of music isn’t extinct though.  People such as the South American Indians and African natives still do this today.

While this may be the start of music, music wasn’t used for entertainment or was even written down until much later. We can attribute the start of this kind of music to the ancient Greeks. Around the 600s BCE, they invented the octave scale. The octave scale is a system where the different sounds that can be made by Instruments or singing is written down as dots on a line called music notes. That way, music will never be easily forgotten over the years. This kind of music is still used today and is seen as the most common form of music used today.

While there may have been the invention of music, there isn’t just one origin of it. This is because of the fact that many different kinds of music has been invented throughout time. An example of this would be that  music like the ones that used the octave scale weren’t created during the same time as when ancient tribal music was invented. In fact they were created thousands of years apart from each other. In short there is no one origin of music, but many origins of different kinds of music.