Betsy Dear, the Dearest


Betsy Dear, the Dearest


When you walk into the school office, you’ll first see a smiling face who is probably on the phone or drinking coffee at her desk. This person wears glasses and has wavy brown-hair. She’ll then help you with whatever you need. You’ll never see her angry at anyone. This person is Betsy Dear who is our school secretary! Everyone knows her, but did you ever think of her life outside the office?

We wanted to interview Betsy because she is so nice and works really hard. We were interested in knowing a bit more about her. Betsy always wants to please the students and help them as best as she can. She constantly has a big smile on her face and a caring heart. We asked Betsy what her goals are in future life. She replied, “My goals are just to enjoy everyday with my family and friends and just enjoy life.” Betsy’s other goal is that she wants to travel more. She would like to travel to Spain, Hungary, Canada and also more around the United States! Since she loves traveling, she’s been to a lot of other places as well, such as Italy, England, Paris and many more!

Betsy was born in California, but moved around a lot to different places. She went from North Carolina to Arizona, and then finally to Hermosa Beach. When she moved here, she was in the seventh-grade. After Hermosa Valley, Betsy went to Mira Costa for high school. She is the youngest out of four children, and has two sisters and one brother. Her brother’s name is Bryan, and her sisters’ names are Wilene and Laurie. Betsy has a very large family. She is married and has three kids! Her husband’s name is Jim, and her children’s names are Talia, Alex, and Joey. She even has three grandchildren that are six months, three, and six years old. Their names are Emma, Charlie, and Lulu.

Betsy went to UCLA and graduated in 1980 with a sociology degree. A sociology degree helps you get a better job with public services and helping people. She must’ve done well in in her studies, because she is super helpful. Betsy is always working really hard to get things done for others.

Before she worked at Hermosa Valley, Betsy had a lot of odd jobs. When she went to Mira Costa High School, she had a job working at McDonald’s in Hermosa.  After college, she worked as an assistant for a lawyer. For a while, she was also a stay at home mom. For the twenty-two years she has been working here, Betsy said the wonderful kids are her favorite part of her job!

Something most people don’t know about her is that everyday Betsy has a cup of iced coffee sitting next to her on her desk. This coffee is personally made by Karen who is one of Betsy’s co-workers. Karen makes her this homemade coffee every day! Karen is like Betsy’s personal barista, and her coffees probably taste even better than Starbucks. When we asked Betsy what she thought about Karen’s homemade coffees, she said, “I couldn’t get through a day without it.” and, “It’s a pleasure every day.”

When ever Betsy is not in the office, she is smashing into jammed lockers and carrying around a big hammer. She swings at the locker with such force, you would think it would explode. You can hear the sound of crashing metal as she whacks the locker. The student is then relieved when their locker door swings open and they can get their stuff.

Betsy’s favorite hobbies and things to do are taking walks, eating food, and spending time with her family. Betsy loves reading, singing, and playing with her grandchildren, and her favorite genre of books are anything fiction or mysteries.

Betsy is a very caring and kind person that helps with whatever you need at Hermosa Valley. She always has a huge heart, and is very friendly. We hope that she helps at our school for many more years.