The Strangest Animals


The Strangest Animal Alive


Have you ever wondered what a hybrid of a duck, an otter, and a beaver would look like? Most likely not, but oddly enough, there is an animal that fills out all of those qualities. I’m not talking about a new animal that scientists have just artificially created. Its name is the platypus, and it is one of the most interesting animals alive.

The platypus is an Australian native mammal that was discovered in 1797 by George Shaw. Mr. Shaw gave us the first examination and description of what he called the platypus anatinus. Their weight varies from 0.7 g to 2.4 g (1.5 lbs to 5.3 lbs), and they average 50 cm in total length.

Since the Platypus is a mammal, it must give normal birth to live young like everyone else, right? Well, it is actually one of the only five mammals that can physically lay eggs. The  females seal themselves inside one of the burrow’s chambers to lay these platypi.  On average they lay one to two eggs and keep them warm over a ten-day period.

“The platypus must be one of the most harmless animals in the world. That thing wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Whatever you do, “Do not pet the males!”, well unless you like long excruciating pain go right ahead. The platypus is very venomous and is is capable of killing smaller animals. This venom is located in the platypus’ glands in their thighs and a hollow spur near the heel. The sting is not lethal to humans, but is extremely painful and causes rapid swelling in the stung area.

When you think of sixth senses, most likely seeing ghost will come to your head, but the platypus has something else in mind. As I mentioned before, the platypus has a bill of a duck, but what I forgot to say is that this bill is that it is a super sensory organ with thousands of cells responsive to the electric fields triggered by all living things. Basically, it some sort of “super-bill” which senses electric pulses created by anything or anyone. This act is known as electrolocation, and it makes that platypus one of the deadliest land/water animals around.

In conclusion, the platypus is without a doubt the strangest animal that world will ever see. Thank you for reading.



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