Consequences of Kneeling

Consequences of Kneeling

                                                                                      Consequences of Kneeling                                                                                            By: Kai           


     What’s this breaking news on people kneeling in the NFL during the National Anthem? Kneeling was started in 2016 by Colin Kaepernick: the former quarterback of the  San Francisco 49ers. Colin did this to protest police brutality. Police brutality is the use of any force exceeding the necessary  lawful police purpose. Now in 2017, players are kneeling to show defiance or rebellion against Donald Trump and to protest police brutality.

When players kneel, there are a few different ways they do it. Kneeling started as just literally taking a knee or sitting on the bench. Then, the Cleveland Browns started going in a circle. Some people took a knee and other around them stood next to them and put there hands on the kneeling players. The most common way of showing rebellion is kneeling or standing and locking arms with teammates. In week four and five of the football season, some teams stayed in locker room during the National Anthem.  All of these are forms of rebellion or opposition.

     You are probably wondering why this is such a big deal? Well, many players think the matter is very important, and so do the president and vice president of the United States. At a Colts game in Indianapolis the vice president, Mike Pence, was at the game. When the National Anthem played and some of the players kneeled, Mike Pence left the game just like that.  On Twitter, there have been some kneeling related things. Donald Trump tweeted that managers and coaches should not let players play and fire them for kneeling. The president’s feel this way because Donald Trump said, “ Kneeling during the National Anthem is like not caring about people who are fighting our wars. The players kneeling are disrespecting our country.” That is why the presidents get so worked so far, only one person has taken action for the cause. Jerry Jones, the manager of the Dallas Cowboys, said, “If any of my players kneel during the Anthem, they will not play that game at all.”  Some coaches and managers have kneeled or locked arms with the team during the National Anthem. A specific player is Marshawn Lynch, who came out of retirement and now plays running back for the Oakland Raiders. He is one of the many players who kneel during the National Anthem. When he was asked his thoughts of kneeling by reporters he said nothing about the topic and left the press conference.


   The kneeling subject isn’t just for NFL players and managers. It also involves the business side of NFL and has affected the viewers or fans. The Viewership has gone down 7.5 percent since the Colin Kaepernick kneeling. Some viewers don’t even want to watch football because of the matter. In the begin of 2017 season, DirecTV offered free refunds on the Sunday Ticket package. This package is the one you can get with all of the games, highlights, and Red Zone channel. Many people bought this package. A scary number of people ended up taking the refund, and now the business part of the NFL is getting worried that they won’t make enough money this season. You may think 7.5% is not a lot at all, but in any movie, sport, or TV show losing that much viewership can destroy a company that produces the event. I love the NFL, and try to watch games throughout the week. I have always loved football, but this catastrophe is destroying the American sport we all love to watch and play.