A Fourth Chocolate?

A Fourth Chocolate?

A Fourth Chocolate?

Tired of having to choose between dark, milk or white chocolate? Imagine an ooey-gooey pink chocolate bar, melting in your mouth as you eat it. Then you may want to try the new pink-hued ruby chocolate. The company, and swiss chocolate giant, Barry Callebaut has released a fourth type of chocolate, and it is joining the list of the three iconic flavors. People ask which chocolate it tastes like, but it is a whole new chocolate, taste, and idea. This new chocolate is all natural and has no artificial coloring or flavors!

You are probably wondering what does ruby chocolate even taste like? Ruby chocolate is an intense, sensational delight. It’s a mix of berry-fruitiness and mouthwatering smoothness.. The Zurich-based manufacturer also asserts that no berries, artificial berry flavor, or color is added. . It is not bitter, milky, or sweet, but ruby! It has a sweet and sour fruitiness taste. Ruby chocolate is not as sweet as classic milk chocolate, but rather a lighter flavor instead. This yummy treat is so light and fruity that you don’t even realize you’re eating a piece of chocolate. This means consumers or customers will be able to eat more of it then other types of chocolate. Antoine de Saint-Affrique (Barry Callebaut Ceo) states, “It comes with a ruby color and a taste which is absolutely unique which is the taste of chocolate, but with a freshness and a fruitiness to it.” Sorry if I made you hungry.

Why is it called, “ruby chocolate?” The main reason is because it is made  from the ruby cocoa bean. Both the berry flavor and the pinkish color come from the bean itself just like how regular chocolate is made from the cocoa bean. These special beans belong to the same species of cacao plants used to create traditional chocolate, but contain a unique mix.  The beans can be found on the Ivory Coast in  Ecuador and Brazil.  The beans are not genetically modified which means it is not altered to become a desired characteristic. The company, Barry Callebaut took a little over 13 years of research to produce ruby chocolate. This company has broken down the chocolate base of dark, milk, and white by introducing the universe to this new chocolate. It does not come from an artificial, but rather powder extracted during the processing. Ruby chocolate was discovered 80 years after Nestle discovered white chocolate.

Another thing you were probably wondering is when will we be able to buy ruby chocolate? Barry Callebaut is the world’s largest cocoa processor, and it does not sell directly to consumers (us). It sells only to markets which is why it will take a while to be sold in the U.S. It is unknown when it will be sold in the U.S, but ruby chocolate might be able to be shipped from the United Kingdom. It should be able to be purchased in about 8-16 months in the U.K. As Hershey cuts 15% of its staff and Nestle tries to sell its U.S. chocolate business, ruby chocolate gives hope, to the struggling global chocolate market ahead of next years Valentines day.  The chocolate was first revealed to consumers at a launch event in Shanghai, China, and it was told to offer a new “gastronomic” experience. Ruby chocolate has been tested and examined with extensive amounts of research. Ruby’s consumer appeal indicates consumers will buy Ruby Chocolate at different price points. Early market research has shown a high interest in China. They are not normally known for their chocolate consumption, but the company has high enthusiasm from all over the world.