Mr. Hazard


     Mr. Hazard

By: Kai and Ty

 Mr. Hazard wears a big smile as he helps the class with a math problem.  This is why so many people love coming into Mr. Hazard’s room as well as  having him as a math teacher.  You all know Mr. Hazard is a math teacher at Hermosa Valley, but do you know  what Mr. Hazard does out of school? We admire Mr. Hazard because he is math teacher and he does all this awesome outdoors stuff that you wouldn’t think a normal math teacher would do. We interviewed him before school to get the answers.

If you don’t know yet Mr. Hazard, is a nice and humorous teacher who loves the outdoors and the baseball team, the Red Socks. Mr. Hazard has a wife and three kids, and was born and raised in Massachusetts, Boston. At a young age, he moved to California with his parents.                                                                                                           

Before being a Hermosa math teacher, Mr. Hazard went to college at University of California, Riverside. Mr. Hazard has a degree in  Business Administration and Masters of Math Education. Mr Hazard was interested in math because “Every math problem had an answer so you know if your right or wrong.” A little while later he became a 4th and 5th grade teacher in Venice and Westminster. After that he came to Hermosa Valley and has been teaching for 15 years. Mr. Hazard’s goal is that “”wants students to learn and appreciate math.” This is his 16th year at Hermosa! Over that timeline he was a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math teacher.