Halloween Horror Nights


Universal Studios Hollywood

Beginning September 15, “The Horrors of Blumhouse” Takes Possession of Universal Studios’ “Halloween Horror Nights” in Two New Mazes Inspired by Acclaimed Contemporary Horror Producer Jason Blum’s Blockbuster Movies. (PRNewsfoto/Universal Studios Hollywood)

Halloween Horror Nights is a scary event held at Universal studios with many attractions to scare you. The first time I went to this event I was very scared. During the day this event doesn’t happen, but when when it becomes 7:00pm, the horror starts. One attraction is people in masks walking around the park scaring you with chainsaws, and also there is different people scaring you while standing on stilts. The scariest part of Halloween Horror Nights are mazes, Saw: The games of jigsaw, The horrors of blumhouse, American Horror Story: Roanoke, and many more.Those are the mazes I will be talking about later.

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Halloween Horror Nights are held in Orlando Florida, which began in 1991, originally named Fright Nights. At this time it was only held for three days long, October 25, 26,and 31 They also only had one maze and it was called The dungeon of Terror. Until 2001 the event the price to get in was only $12.95. Which is very different now costing $102.99.The event was renamed Universal Studios Florida Halloween Horror Night  in 1992. At this time, they added another maze named, The people under the stairs, and also they had added more days, October 23, 24, 29, and 31.

This amusement park started naming it differently every year, such as HHN2 or Halloween Horror Nights 2, after the second year of this scary event. The HHN3 had extended to 7 days, and also added another maze called Jaws. In these mazes people dress up as monsters, clowns, and other things and come out of nowhere and scare you. You walk through the mazes with people popping out at you. HHN4 added two more mazes named Nazarman’s, and Bates motel. The price had raised to $36.00 dollars that year. The fifth year was the first time that Halloween Horror Nights had used Roman Numerals. This event was held for twelve days and decreased to only three mazes, one of which was called the dual-path house. This event was based on a icon named the Crypt Creeper. The Crypt Creeper is a very scary logo with a pumpkin.That year was no longer named Halloween Halloween horror nights, it was named The curse of the Crypt Creeper.

There is another location that this event is held at witch is in Hollywood California. This was first introduced in 1986 and was success so they did it again in 1992. They tried again in 1985, but unfortunately this was not a success. The name Halloween Horror Nights was named on October 9, 1997, until 2000, when it took a break for six years to come back in 2006. Since then it has been a yearly thing. From 2007 to 2014 they made a deal with Universal’s House of Horrors, To make it a yearly thing forever.