A World Without Insects?

A World Without Insects?

A World Without Insects?



“Ew… A bug!” is the reaction many people have when they see an insect crawling on their arm or when they see a spider walking on their floor. Have you ever thought that these little creatures are important to survival of the human race?

If insects disappeared there would no longer be those mosquito bites, or those flies always annoying you. Farmers would no longer need to use insecticides to kill bugs. More than 500 million pounds of insecticide are used in the United States alone!“If insects were to disappear, the world would fall apart-there’s no two way about it,” said Goggy Davidowitz, a professor in the department entomology and evolutionary biology.

For starters, 80% of all of the world’s plant life are angiosperms, which are flowering plants that require pollination from bees, butterflies, or other pollinating insects. Some examples of angiosperms are rice and wheat, as well as fruits and vegetables. These foods also make up the diet of some animals that people eat, including chickens, cows, and pigs. “Most of our food is insect-dependent,” said Davidowitz. “If insects disappear, a lot of mammals and birds disappear too, because if you don’t have insects pollinating, even those animals that don’t eat insects won’t have fruits or foliage to eat.”  

If you have been following the news you might have saw that we are having a mass decline in honey bees today. It’s mainly because of climate change and habitat loss. One day in the near future we might not have any honey bees left on Earth.

Imagine piles and piles of dead bodies; bodies of animals and humans everywhere on Earth. This would happen if all the insects disappear, because insects help in the process of decomposing dead bodies. Did you thought that each time an animal or a human died their body mysteriously vanished. Well no, insect and bacterias decompose the bodies which means they break it down until there is nothing left. Without insect it would take a lot more time to decompose those dead bodies.

Insects are very important for our survival. They help make the fruits and vegetables we eat, and they also help by decomposing dead bodies. So, next time you feel the need to kill a spider, or any other kind of bug hiding in the corner of your house, grab a cup and a piece of paper then take the bug outside.