Hummingbird, Bird, Wings, Flying HummingbirdHummingbirds are amazing and majestic animals. They live in tropical environments that have lots of vegetation. These birds are very agile and graceful. The hummingbird is a beautiful, colorful, and well known animal. Imagine you are in a tropical forest full of beautiful plants, you smell the sweet flowers and hear the songs of the birds. You see a flash of color zoom by and it stops at a flower to eat. What is this majestic bird, you think. It’s a Humming bird!

Hummingbirds are one of the most unique birds out there. They have the title of the smallest bird, lays the smallest egg, etc. Some places you can see Hummingbirds in their natural habitat are California, Brazil, and Mexico. They are used to seeing lush plant life and beautiful weather most of their lives. When it rains, they do have trouble flying so they nap under a tree.

I love hummingbirds because there is no other bird or animal like it. They have so many claims, and look like a piece of art. They are small, unique, and large in stature of skill. They are the only bird that can fly backwards. Hummingbirds are also the only bird that can flap their wings 70 times in 1 second, there heart rate can also reach over 1,200 beats per minute. Since they have to eat every 15 minutes to keep up their heart, they stop their heart to sleep. When they cannot find food, they fall into a comma like sleep to conserve their energy. Their feathers are made of small bubbles making their wings shine. It’s very pleasing to see them glistening in the sun.

Hummingbirds are also super small. Try comparing a parrot to a hummingbird, the difference is preposterous. Even though the parrot is bigger, the hummingbird is still faster, and can do much more than the famous parrot. One example is the hummingbird can fly backwards while the parrot can’t (as well as every other bird can’t). Hummingbirds are above and beyond in their body’s aerodynamics. Due to the fact that they have incredible speed and fly easily. Humming birds burn a lot of energy when they fly so they need much more food than other animals. 

Have you ever wondered how hummingbirds impact the environment? Well here’s the answer, hummingbirds pollinate the flowers helping them reproduce. They often bring pollen and nectar from plant to plant. They also kill plant eating bugs which are harmful to good plants. It’s a double whammy! It is also amazing that hummingbirds can adapt to many environments almost practically anywhere. Other amazing thing about hummingbirds also is the fact that you can see them all around the world. You can see them in places such as Asia, South America, North America, and more.  They love lush trees and colorful plants.

In the end, most other animals can’t outdo the hummingbird. It’s agile, graceful, fast, and beautiful. There is no other animal like it. Can you try and think of another animal like the hummingbird? Hard right? You may think of the cheetah, but this special little bird is the full package. Hummingbirds are delightful and a gift from mother nature. All in all, a hummingbird is unique and never fails to amaze.