What is the Pink Fairy Armadillo?

What is the Pink Fairy Armadillo?

What is the Pink Fairy Armadillo?

By: Sydney

Have you ever heard of the pink fairy armadillo? When you think of an armadillo, pink and fairy don’t usually come into mind. This animal is very small and cute.

The pink fairy armadillo is very tiny. As an adult, they are 3.5 to 4.5 inches long, which is less than the length of a king size Hershey’s bar. They also weigh less than a pound, and have a lifespan of five to ten years. The pink fairy armadillo has yellowish silky fur, tiny eyes, and a flexible dorsal shell that is a pinkish color. Their shells are softer, and more flexible than normal armadillos. They use this shell for protection by curling up into a ball with the shell on the outside. This creature also has a thick, diamond shaped  tail that it uses for it to balance and stability while using its other limbs to dig.

The pink fairy armadillo is found in the grasslands and sandy plains of central Argentina in South America. This creature is an expert at moving through sand. They have huge claws on its front and back legs to help them scoop out the dirt which makes them a digging machine! This animal can bury its entire body in a matter of seconds if it feels threatened which is faster than any crane or bulldozer. It’s nickname is “the sand swimmer” because it can burrow through the sand as quickly as a fish can swim through the ocean.

Pink fairy armadillos’ main food are ants. This provides them with a constant supply of food since there are lots of ant colonies. Even though this is its primary food source, they also eat larvae, worms, snails, and other types of insects. If these foods can not be found, they will eat roots and leaves. In captivity as a pet, they will accept to eat watermelon and avocado shells.

The pink fairy armadillo lives in a burrow and is nocturnal. Even though it may seem as if its shell keeps it warm, the shell only serves the purpose of protection. When it comes out at night, it has fur to stay warm and conserve heat. Since it lives in a burrowing lifestyle, it has greatly reduced eyesight and relies mostly on touch and hearing.

In all the pink fairy armadillo is an amazing animal. With its burrowing lifestyle, to its cool shell and tiny body, no wonder this animal is so cute.