Is that Kermit The Frog? And is he wearing a Supreme shirt? Yes, that is Kermit and he is wearing a Supreme shirt. Supreme is a vastly growing company that specializes in clothing, skateboarding and other accessories. Its clothes can range from $30 to a couple hundred! It was founded by James Jebbia in 1994 as a small shop in Manhattan New York, but now mainly focuses on the skateboarding, hip-hop and punk rock fashion, and other youth styles.

James Jebbia led a normal life. Up until his success, he was born in America but lived in England until the age of 19.  Then he moved to New York and started the Supremely profiting business Supreme. The first store he opened was at 274 Lafayette St, New York, and if you’re in the area you can visit the store today! The store in NY is specially designed so that you can skate in and skate out, this is because all of the products are on the wall edges instead of it being a maze. More locally, he opened a store in Downtown LA. This store has the same layout as the New York one, except there’s a skate bowl in the middle.  There are also three other locations; Paris, London, and Tokyo.

Supreme also has many collaborations with other companies such as Nike SB, Vans, North Face, Levi’s, and more. This just shows how much of a big company Supreme is if Nike, one of the the most famous sporting brands, was willing to do a collaboration with them. In addition to collaborations with companies they do collaborations with various artists, designers or photographers. Supremes art is very psychedelic or it’s under the category of pop art.

Supreme also has a top quality skateboarding team that consists of only 10 people, one of them, Mark Gonzales, is also one of their artists. He uses his own board from Supreme that they made with his design!  As you can see Supreme are definitely moving in the direction of skateboarding. In 2014 they released their own skateboarding video called, “Cherry” filmed by William Strobeck.

In addition to their artist friends they also have friend that work directly for their company such as Terry Richardson. Terry is very fascinating; he’s taken photos of some people that may or may not sound very familiar to you. For example, Lou Reed, Lady Gaga, Michael Jordan, Gucci Mane, and finally Kermit The Frog.

So if you have some extra dough and need a shirt or hat, maybe check the Supreme website or maybe even go and visit one of the stores, if you’re willing to wait in a very long line.