Leap into Theaters to See this Incredible Movie!


               “Since I can remember I’ve wanted to dance,” Felice told Victor in a passionate voice.  Have you heard of the new movie that’s blowing up the theaters? Leap! is the story of girl who has a dream of becoming a dancer. As a dancer myself, this movie truly showed the determination Felice had to follow her dream.

               Let me set the scene for you. The movie starts off, a day at the orphanage, when Felice and Victor sneak out of the orphanage, with a close call of getting caught. They ran and ran throughout the forest surrounding the orphanage, as the the owner of the orphanage chases them. They jump onto the train to Paris, just in time to dodge being caught. Then, they were off, on their way to Paris, “city of dreams.” While there, Felice has high hopes of being a part of The Ballet in Paris, any ballerina’s dream. Along with Felice, her best friend Victor has hopes of finding success in his inventing career while in Paris with Felice. In the movie, Victor says, “You will become the greatest dancer, and I will become the greatest inventor!”

            Leap is an animated movie with many characters played by many actors you may know. Kate Mckinnon plays three of the wonderful characters in this movie including Regine (Camille’s mother), Mother Superior (mother of the orphanage), and Felicie’s mother. Kate implies that in order to play three characters in a movie, you need to pick a voice for each character, and be confident in it. The voice of Camille, played by hit tv show Dance Moms star, Maddie Ziegler, who you may have heard of, says, “I can relate to this character and this whole movie in so many ways, and it’s all about dance, which is so cool!” Victor, another character in the movie, played by Nat Wolf, who describes his character as undignified but loveable. Elle Fanning, the voice of Felice, says, “They would use some of the facial expressions and mannerisms I have, and put them into her.”


Related image I would say this movie is inspiring because it truly shows how you should follow your dreams, not matter what anyone else says. The teacher of the Ballet implies, “Everyone in this room has a chance to dance in my new ballet…except you.” Even though she is discouraged, Felice goes home that day and trains for hours. She then returns the next day, ready to impress and hopes to stay in the competition. From this movie, I learned that sometimes in life, you have to take your own leap of faith, even when it’s difficult.