The Most Famous Treat at an Amusement Park

The Most Famous Treat at an Amusement Park

                                                  The Most Famous Treat at an Amusement Park

By: Kailer

Have you ever heard of cotton candy? If you have not, you have been missing out on life. Cotton candy is a sweet, light, and delicious treat that can be found at an amusement park, or even a grocery store. This delicious treat is so yummy, probably because it is thirty percent  sugar and the rest is air. You should really try it sometime if you never have.

Cotton candy was originally called Fairy Floss. It was called Fairy Floss because one of the inventors of the cotton candy, William Morrison, was a dentist and cotton candy looked a bit like dental floss. William Morrison is no longer alive; he died in 1956. The name Fairy Floss is not as used as much, but Australia still uses it. They still use the OG name.


You may not know, but cotton candy was really cheap when it was first introduced. It was only twenty-five cents. You’re probably thinking that’s nothing. But at the time in 1904, that was a lot for a treat;, that’s half of the admission

ticket it was to get into the St. Louis World Fair! Now cotton candy is sold for around six dollars, which I think is a reasonable price for cotton candy. Like all popular foods, cotton candy started out cheap and got more expensive along the way.

The machine that is used to make cotton candy is big and very productive but there are cheap makers that are not very productive. The machine runs on electricity, and you need to plug the cord into the wall. The way the machine


works is by spinning. There is a small bowl in the middle where you put the mix in; the mix is a sugar concentrate. Once you put the mix in you turn on the machine and watch it spin. From there cotton candy will be made, thanks to the machine.

Cotton candy can come in many different colors and shapes. The colors that are known at the moment are blue, pink, purple, yellow, red, and brown. When this delicious treat was first  sold, it was sold in a small wooden crate.  Now cotton candy is sold on long paper cone rods, or in plastic bags. The portion back then was around twenty grams. The general size now is thirty-five grams of sugar.To get an idea the weight of a CD. I hope you enjoyed this article on cotton candy.

                                                                                        By, Kailer