Don’t Throw Away Your Shot To Go See Hamilton

Don't Throw Away Your Shot To Go See Hamilton

Imagine sitting in the Richard Rodgers Theater in New York.. Suddenly, the lights dim, and a spot light turns on. Aaron Burr is standing on stage and the music for the first song begins to play. The whole thing goes by in a blur. When the musical finishes, you can’t get the catchy songs out of your head. But why are people rushing to go see Hamilton?

Hamilton is about the historical figure, Alexander Hamilton. Alexander had a hard upbringing. His father left him at a young age, and his mother died a few years after that. When a hurricane hit the Caribbean, he got out of there as fast as possible. He went to New York, where he met his friends, enemies, wife, had his eight children, lost his first son in a duel, and died in a duel himself against his first friend and then enemy, Aaron Burr. I bet you thought you had a lot of drama in your life!  Hamilton then went to King’s College and was the top of his class. After college, Hamilton had the honor of being Washington’s right-hand man, the first person in the U.S. treasury, and a lawyer. Hamilton wanted to run for president, but blew his chance when he had an affair with Maria Reynolds. Hamilton wrote every day, and worked very hard to be who he was. Alexander  was the one who made our financial system, and he is on the ten dollar bill. All of his accomplishments are explained throughout the musical.

Hamilton is so popular because it’s different from other musicals. Hamilton is known as a rap musical. Lots of people like to go see a musical that has long songs, full of drawn-out notes. Other people like fast-paced songs. A rap musical would appeal to these people. A rap musical consists of upbeat rap songs, as well as slower, more meaningful songs. Rap musicals are a newer thing in the musical world today, so people are intrigued and want to see one of these musicals as soon as possible.

You would never have heard of a rap musical if it wasn’t for Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lin made rapping in a musical possible. He wrote the songs for Hamilton, and for another rap musical called In the Heights. Miranda was full of ideas, and wanted to try new things. He loves musicals, and wanted to bring them to the next level. When he did this, people didn’t think it would turn out well, but boy, were they wrong!

Hamilton is an off-the-chart musical because Miranda took a historical figure and made a musical about him. Something like Hamilton had never been done before. It was a new and risky idea. This was one of the reasons why Hamilton was so well written. Miranda knew that writing this musical would be hard, so he had to write it in a way that would make people want to know more, not fall asleep halfway through. I mean who wouldn’t fall asleep when learning about history? Lin worked really hard to keep people guessing. Would the next song be slow, or would it be so fast that you miss it? He made people surprised and curious to see what was coming up next.

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” – Alexander Hamilton. This quote sums up Hamilton’s life pretty well. He had his ideas, and he stood with them, never wavering; this also can sum up the musical, Hamilton. It was one risky idea, but Lin stuck with it, and never abandoned the idea halfway through. Lin pulled through, and made an amazing musical that many people love. That is why the musical, Hamilton, is so amazing!