How to become a Ninja.

How to become a Ninja.

How to become a Ninja?

By: Margaux

I remember, back when I was 5, I would put on my ninja costume on halloween night, and make swords out of foil with my cousin. We’d battle each other with the swords, and one time we even made cardboard ninja stars. We would throw the ninja stars at each other.

What are ninjas? A ninja was a spy and/or an assassin, and they originated from in 15-17 century. Some ninjas were so good at there jobs, people believed they had power, like invisibility or being able to walk on water. In  1637 ninjas disappeared from recorded history. They became popular again in the 1967 because of James Bond’s movie You Only Live Twice.

Now let me tell you how to become a ninja. Ninjas know how to defend themselves, so you have to learn the art of ninjutsu. Ninjas also used weapons such as: bows, daggers, kunais, shurikens, poison and kakutes. A kakute is a ring with spikes on it, so when the ninjas would punch someone the spikes would go through their skin. A kunai is a small blade that ninjas would throw at their enemies and they sometimes the blade may even be coated with poison at the tip, shurikens were small metal star that ninjas would throw at their enemies.

A ninja is a master of stealth so it’s important for you to master the arts of walking silently and the arts of blending in. So, how do you walk silently? Always step with the front of the foot, lift your foot no more than two inches and when you put down your foot, put all of your weight on the back of your foot then repeat the process with the other foot. To sneak past someone you want to match their steps, this will help mask the natural noise your steps makes. You want to breathe with your mouth rather than your nose as it makes less noise You would think a ninja would dress in a all black suit, but actually ninjas usually wore regular clothes because the best disguise is the one blending in.

Congratulations, you just learned how to become a ninja!