The Dare Devil Spot

The Dare Devil Spot

By: Griffin

Mavericks is daredevil surf spot. This spot is mainly surfed in winter because that’s when the waves are biggest. Mavericks is located about 2 miles from a place called Pillar Point Bay. This dare devil spot is only surfed by the best surfers, because if it wasn’t, then many people would get very injured or maybe even killed. If you an inexperienced or not a professional surfer I wouldn’t recommend not going to Mavericks.

This is spot is so dangerous because the waves can get up to 75 feet, that’s as tall as a 6 story building! You can drown very easily if you get under one of these monsters. Some people that have made the mistakes of going there inexperienced have died at this spot from falling off their board or taking off to early or to late.

A man by the name of Jeff Clark grew up half moon bay. He watched Mavericks many days in high school just looking at the waves. At the time 1975, when Clark was in high school, Mavericks was too dangerous surf. At the time, these waves were only 20-24 feet, but had never been surfed before. Within the same year Jeff paddled out, surfed some left facing waves, and became the first person ever to surf Mavericks.

Surfer Magazine is a magazine that is still used today that has pictures of amazing surfers on big waves and photos of big waves with barrels. Mavericks has been on the Surfer Magazine several times, but the first time that it was on it was in 1975. A couple of Jeffs’ friends went to see Mavericks for themselves and brought  waterproof cameras to capture photos and videos. They then sent it to the Surfer Magazine. This went big for Surfer Magazine and later more of Mavericks started appearing on the surfer magazine.

The first death at Mavericks was to a man named Sion Milosky. He was a big wave surfer, which means he had dealt with these kind of waves before. This tragedy happened on March 16, 2011 around 6:30 pm when Milosky was just thirty-five. The cause of Milosky’s death was him falling off one of these waves and having a two wave hold down. A two wave down hold means that he was held under for two waves in a row. Eventually, his body was found twenty minutes after the accident, floating in the water at the mouth of the Pillar Point Harbor. These accidents don’t happen very often because most people that go there are very experienced.If you’re thinking about going to Mavericks, just keep in mind that this spot is amazing, but very dangerous.