Is Running Good or Bad for you?


Is Running Good or Bad for You?


Without a doubt, running has been the most popular form of exercise for centuries, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. A great number of people including me have done this activity before. We all think that there could be no downside to this exercise, but could there possibly be any? While running can reduce blood pressure and prolong your life, at the same time it can be very bad your knees, it has the greatest risk for injury than any other aerobic sport, and it also damages your kidneys. So, is running worth it?

For some, running is a great exercise. It is a very rapid and efficient workout, and wipes out more calories than other exercise, making it very appealing to people who want to lose and burn weight. For a 160-pound person, running for an hour can burn 850 calories. Runners who began to run at a younger age, have significantly lower blood pressure than people who never ran. On top of all of that, runners tend to sleep much better. If you’re ready to jump on the running bandwagon, don’t do so yet. Nothing can ever be too good to be true.

With the fast-paced movement of your body for a long period of time, you’re due to make a mistake or your body is eventually going to give out. About 79% of runners are faced with at least one injury a year. The nonstop act of pounding your legs on the ground is extremely tough on your knees, joints, etc. It’s simple science, the heavier you are, the more force there is on your knees and joints. If you have previous injuries such as back problems, leg, or foot pains, running can make them much worse over time.

I am not implying that running at all will ruin your joints and injure you. Running several miles a week or so will be perfectly fine for you. However, if you love going for a daily run, and love the wind blowing against your face in the sun, there are many other sufficient options. One of these substitutes include walking. Running burns only two and half times more calories than walking.

There are no real cons to this aerobic exercise, and only pros. It is a low-impact activity which is a very relaxing and all around easy-going. Many people who know about the risks of running, still do it. As long as you know your body’s limits, there cannot be as many risks.