What is Rolled Ice Cream?


What is Rolled Ice Cream?


Have you ever heard about that cool ice cream that people are talking about? This yummy confection is called rolled ice cream. Lots of people enjoy this dessert because it is sweet and delicious. This treat has taken over social media as well as becoming a huge trend in the food industry. At this point, most posts on Social Media are pictures or videos of rolled ice cream!

Another name for this creamy treat is stir-fried ice cream.  Stir-fried ice cream is created using a milk base combined with delicious toppings and flavors like sprinkles, brownies, cookies, and fun colors too! In Thailand, the place where rolled ice cream was invented, one of the most popular flavors was green tea. Those kinds of flavors aren’t the most common in the United States, unlike ooey-gooey flavors like cookie dough and chocolate and caramel which are classic favorites.

So how do they roll the ice cream? To make rolled ice cream, workers take the milk combination and pour it onto a cold plate called a cold grill. This plate needs to be a cold enough temperature for the ice cream to form. When the combination is poured onto the plate, it is still liquid, but as the workers chop and mix up the milk base until it becomes more like ice cream. They add things such as cookie pieces, nuts, or fruit into the milk base, using spatula-like tools to chop up the additional ingredients and mix them in. Yum! Finally, they flatten it out, then wait a couple minutes for it to freeze and harden. The state of the ice cream is now a thin and a smooth layer. They then take a spatula and roll up the ice cream. There you have it: rolled ice cream.

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Rolled ice cream isn’t different from normal ice cream. The only different thing is how it’s actually made into ice cream. With regular ice cream, the cream base is just put into boxes then freezed. But, with rolled ice cream, it’s flattened out, hardened into ice cream, then rolled back up.  It’s fun to watch, fun to eat. I think the long lines are worth the wait! The flavour I got was Cookie Monster. It was a mixture of oreo and vanilla ice cream dyed a fun turquoise color.

People can get rolled ice cream in Lawndale or Torrance. In Lawndale, the place to get is Rolling Zone Creamery. In Torrance check out Dahlicious. I myself had only been to Dahlicious, but people have gone to the place in Lawndale saying it was good. The prices at places will vary mainly in size. I got a small for $6. It might have been pricey, but my ice cream was truly delicious!

Overall, rolled ice cream is a thriving product. I think that it will do well in the food industry.  If I were a food critic, I’d give this 5 stars! If you want a new version of ice cream, you should try rolled ice cream!