What is Nekter Juice Bar?


What is Nekter Juice Bar?



Everyone is wondering who replaced the Hermosa Beach Jamba Juice. The answer is a juice bar called Nekter. Nekter is a healthy juice bar that serves cold pressed juices, yummy acai bowls, refreshing smoothies, delicious skoops, and lots more.  Both Nekter and Jamba Juice sell smoothies and drinks, but they are competing businesses. The owner thought what sets Nektar apart from other juice bars, is it  goes back to freshness. He wanted to reinvent juice like Starbucks reinvented coffee.

Nekter was founded by Steve and Alex Schulze. They opened Nekter in 2010 in Costa Mesa. The owners’ goal was to make healthy food yummy, affordable, and approachable. The owner makes sure that all the ingredients have fresh deliveries almost everyday. They have succeeded and now have twenty-six locations in California so far, including a new one nearby in Redondo Beach.

I wanted to research Nekter because my friend got the acai bowl for dessert at her birthday. Everyone loved it, but the treat had cashew milk so I couldn’t eat it (I’m allergic to nuts). Since I couldn’t eat it and my friends said it was so good, I wanted to look into it more. When Jamba Juice closed and Nekter was replacing it, I decided to research it.

Nekter has a variety of drinks and bowls on their menu for you to choose from. They have three main categories of things you can buy: juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. Each category only has six things each, so your purchase will go easy and quick. They also have a new treat that they are selling called a skoop. A skoop is a rich and creamy frozen treat. Nekter wanted to make something that has the taste and consistency of ice cream and frozen yogurt, but is healthy for you. The two flavors you can choose from are Chocolate Bliss, and Viva Vanilla. They also had seasonal flavors in the summer like Blue Vanilla, and Simply Strawberry. Skoops are made from the ingredients vanilla, coconut sugar, cashew milk, honey, agave nectar, and cocoa powder. Also, all skoops are made without artificial coloring and you can put toppings on it too like fresh fruit, coconut flakes, chocolate drizzle, and granola.

Acai bowls are treats that look like ice cream, and almost taste like it too. They are like a really thick smoothie that you can put granola and fruit in. Some people eat it for breakfast, or just as a healthy snack.

Overall, Nekter is a very profitable, growing juice bar. To Nekter’s amazing hand pressed juices, it’s creamy acai bowls, it’s refreshing smoothies, and its frozen scoops, no wonder Nekter is such a thriving business. If you ever want a snack after school, you should try Nekter.