According to Me, Anyway

According to Me, Anyway

Who is the best soccer player? That is an extremely common question that I’ll be answering today. Although you have to keep a couple things in mind when you say, “who is the best soccer player?”  There’s more than one skill involved in soccer. There’s speed, ball control, agility, muscle, volleying, sportsmanship, strategy, positioning, stamina, and finally, finishing. You may be thinking, “What’s the point of this article?” Messi and Ronaldo are obviously the best.” Well, that may not be the truth.

Messi is on the path to retire soon, and Ronaldo doesn’t have the best sportsmanship, meaning they are both out of the picture. But, if you look at Neymar Jr he has potential to be the best player ever. He already is one of the best modern players at the young age of 22. After a year of playing,  he’s only gotten better. In my opinion, Neymar is definitely an option.

This next player is now retired, but I think he might have been the best ever. He even had a movie made about him, if that’s not a big enough clue. His name begins with P and rhymes with Pele. One reason I like Pele so much is because he is an amazing player,  but he doesn’t rub it in! For this reason he was one of the best players on the field.

Ibrahimovic is a successful player  because he is great at finishing. My personal favorite was his famous trick, outside of the box bicycle kick. Plus, that man bun! He has speed, agility, skills, and a bit of every soccer skill. But he does have some competition, Gareth Bale. Bale has speed, skill, and on top of all that, he’s great at contributing to each play. He either sets it up, finishes it, or sometimes he does some of both. Another player that has about this certain a ray of skills is Ronaldinho, he has pace, skills, dribbling, plus he’s a good free kicker.

So here’s what we have, Neymar Jr, Pele, Gareth Bale, Ronaldinho, and Ibrahimovic. I think when it comes down to these players it’s really just a choice. Each player has their strong points, and weak points. But that’s just a few players. So my theory is that there is no best player, there’s rankings of how good they are, but the best player is really your favorite player.