Nintendo Switch: Is It Worth It?

Nintendo Switch: Is It Worth It?

The Nintendo switch is Nintendo’s all new gaming console. It has the ability to be a normal console of a portable console. The console has new controllers that can be attached onto the main screen or used as a normal controller. The Switch has a few small problems with its battery and screen.


The Switch has a slim and simple design that works very well in your hands as well as a normal console. It can be plugged into a stationary module that will let the switch be played on the TV. The switch comes with two small controllers called Joycons. These controllers can be slid onto the main console for portable use. The Switch also features a slot to put in the game cartridges that is very similar to the DS.


The controllers of the Switch are very cool. They have the ability to be single controllers or be connected to the main console for portable play. Joycons have special technology inside them which lets the controllers vibrate and move around in your hands. The controllers have all of the buttons that a normal controller would, but the buttons are much smaller. These controllers have been known to cramp people’s hands because they are so small. There is one option to fix this, and it is to buy the Nintendo game controller, which is a normal controller, but it is priced at eighty dollars!


When playing with the Switch in its portable mode, the screen is not really a problem, but when you slide it in and out of its dock the screen can be easily chipped or damaged. A screen protector is probably a good idea to protect your Switch’s screen from cracking. The second problem with the Switch is its short battery life. The console can run one to three hours in its portable mode depending on the game. Another problem with the battery is that while you’re playing the Switch while it’s on its dock, the dock may not be able to supply enough power to the console, which lets the console run out of power,interrupting your gaming experience. This problem has only occurred on a few models of the thousands produced, so it probably won’t happen to you. The final problem with the Switch is that only a few games have been released for the Switch. There are a few new Nintendo games coming out during the holiday season like Mario.


Overall, the Nintendo Switch is a unique console because of its ability to be a hand held and a normal console. There are a few downsides to this console but I think it is worth the money. The Nintendo Switch is a new way to look at gaming.