Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm

You get out of the car, your heart racing with excitement and fear. You reach the front gates of the theme park, and look up at the inverted upside down track of the Silver Bullet. Just behind the gates, you can already hear the screams of terrified riders. This is Knott’s Berry Farm.

Knott’s is a theme park that has modern rides that are extremely exhilarating, but also has history and a story behind them. The theme park is wild west themed and is based in the time of the Gold Rush. This theme park attracts millions of visitors every year! Tourists love visiting Knott’s, too, for its California history theme. Knott’s Berry Farm was actually the first theme park in America. Knott’s was established on June 19, 1920 by Walter Knott. The theme park was first a berry farm, then they added rides for people to go on while they were waiting at the farm. More and more rides were built, and eventually the berry farm turned into a theme park. The park kept getting larger and eventually more modern rides were built in the late 1900’s and early 2000’s.

Knott’s Berry Farm has history, but it is also a very modern theme park. Nathan Staso went to Knott’s, and he says, “I love Knott’s for its modern rides and California-themed history.” Knott’s is fit for all ages. It has slow, fun rides for little kids. It has crazy-scary and exhilarating rides for older kids and adults, and even has slow, history rides for older folks.

Knott’s Berry Farm has many scary rides. One of it’s rollercoasters is called the Silver Bullet. This coaster has people seated in a chair hanging from the track. It has six upside down parts. The Silver Bullet is a very scary roller coaster. Another extreme roller coaster they have is called Xcelerator. It launches riders hundreds of feet into the air straight up, then straight down. Then it does a large figure-eight. This ride is known to be one of the scariest rides on the west coast. Then, there is the roller coaster called Ghost Rider. This ride is Knott’s signature ride and is the tallest, fastest, and longest wooden roller coaster on the west coast. It is very intense, but also very fun and people of all ages love it.

You can also pan for gold at Knott’s Berry Farm. Knott’s has very good food too. You can taste homemade jam, and the theme park even has a boysenberry festival where you can taste famous boysenberry food. There is also a famous restaurant there called Mr. Knott’s Chicken Dinner, and many people love eating there. Overall, Knott’s Berry Farm is a revolutionary theme park. If you have never been to Knott’s before, I recommend that you visit it as soon as you can.