The dangers behind slime

The dangers behind slime

BY: Sierra and Kayce

You probably have heard about slime. Maybe you love to make, or play with it, but did you know the ingredients could be harmful? Oral burns, itchy eyes, skin irritation, cough, sore throat, and trouble breathing all result from making slime. Shaving cream, glue, liquid detergent, food coloring, and borax all are house hold items and seem innocent, but two are very harmful: borax and liquid detergent! Liquid detergent and borax are used mainly in laundry and household cleaning, but they both could be very dangerous.

Slime is a new craze that all kids love. Kids love to make it and play with it. There are a couple different kinds of ways to make slime but most recipes call for liquid detergent or borax and these items are the ones you have to look out for. Borax, according to Dr. Laura Marusinec with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin states that, “Borax can be lethal if ingested – less than 5 grams for a child and between 15-20 grams for an adult.” Also, red and peeling skin, kidney failure, seizures, and eye, skin and respiratory irritation can be symptoms of exposure according to Dr. Laura Marusinec. For example, an 11 year old girl named Kathleen Quinn was rushed to the emergency room after making a batch of slime with borax that caused her hands to turn red and start to blister. Kathleen ended up having a third degree burn. Dr.Laura Marusinec also says,” In rare cases, prolonged exposure can cause infertility or damage to an unborn child.” Most recipes call for a small amount of borax, so the risk is not that high, but it’s not zero. Kids may play with slime, but the most dangerous part is making the slime.

Liquid detergent is an ingredient you may have to look out for as well. Dr. Edward Boyer, who works at Emergency Medicine and Toxicology at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital says,”Detergents have phosphates in them which can cause oral burns.  Dr. Edward states that in liquid detergent there might not be any toxic material at all, but it can cause burns. Dr. Edward warns parents and kids to stay away from the recipes that call for liquid detergent.

Do your research before you make slime. Slime, it is fun to play with and fun make but there are alway dangers to things you do.  You may not think that household products would be dangerous, but always be sure you know what you’re using before you use it.