Smart and Unkillable

Smart and Unkillable

By Collin


Do you know about octopus’ supernatural thoughts and defensive mechanisms? Their adaptations and knowledge give them an extreme advantage in the world of predator and prey. Octopi are so smart and extraordinary, that any other order of invertebrates don’t stand a chance. You are about to see how smart and how much of a survivalist an octopus can be. To me these are some of the most interesting animals in the world. I always knew that octopi are smart, but I never fully learned about their capacity until now. Now you will know.

Octopi are very smart, probably much smarter than you would have ever thought. The exact maximum of their intelligence and learning capability is argued among biologists, but maze and problem-solving experiments have shown evidence of a memory system that can store both short- and long-term memory, which means our memory is not so different. Some octopi, such as the mimic octopus, will move their arms in ways that copy the shape and movements of other sea creatures.  Octopi have also been seen doing things some might called playing, such as repeatedly releasing bottles or toys into a circular current in their aquariums and then catching them. Octopi often break out of their aquariums and sometimes into others in search of food, they have even boarded fishing boats and opened holds to eat crabs. This shows they know their way around a problem.

Octopi defenses are extremely cool and useful. The octopi’s primary defense is to hide or to disguise itself through camouflage and mimicry, though some species are venomous and have warning coloration.  An octopus may spend 40% of its time hidden away in its den. Just imagine hiding in your closet for 40% of your life because you’re scared of someone that’s walking across the street. When this is approached, it may extend an arm to investigate.

Octopuses have several secondary defenses, which they use once they have been seen by a predator. The most common is the fast escape by raising its head high and rocketing away using jet propulsion, but they also make use of distraction with ink sacs and separating limbs. Octopuses also use camouflage. The octopus’s camouflage is aided by certain specialized skin cells which can change the apparent color, transparentness, and reflectivity. This color-changing ability can also be used to communicate with or warn other octopuses. The highly venomous blue-ringed octopus becomes bright yellow with blue rings when it is provoked. Octopuses can use muscles in the skin to change the texture of their mantle to achieve a greater camouflage. These animals are amazing and underrated. I hope this article changed your mind about octopuses and their specialized abilities.