Huge Bombs, a thing of the past?




When you think of a military bomb, you think of a massive bomb being dropped from a large plane over a foreign country. But, there are new technologies that break away from the idea of gigantic bombs full of gunpowder. These new ideas will change the way bombs are created and used.

The new bomb technology was developed to create a smaller, more accurate bomb to target tunnels, weapon sites, and other underground compounds. This new-tech bomb looks similar in size and appearance to a torpedo. This bomb is equipped with new steerable tail fins which give for much greater accuracy. The bomb also features a navigation system which helps more efficiently target enemy buildings and structures. The warhead contains environmental sensors which do exactly what you think, they sense what kind of environment they are in and this confirms if they are on or off course. The warhead is also equipped with four adjustable power options, this comes in hand when you are using the missile to hit a very large target, or if you are aiming for a smaller one, and don’t want to destroy anything except the target.  The last thing this modern miniature bomb is equipped with is radar, this tells the bomb where it is relative to the target. The result of these upgrades is a bomb that can make more accurate strikes with a explosion which can be minimized and or amplified depending on the target.

The bomb was created because their are hints of a dangerous arms race against North Korea. The new modern bomb was made to intimidate the USA’s opponents and to protect our country if needed. North Korea has recently been testing new nuclear bombs that travel farther and have more destructive power. For the country of North Korea creating a nuclear bomb that can burst on U.S soil is a must. In order to do that though, they need a warhead small enough to fit inside a missile. They claim they have miniaturized a warhead to fit into a missile, but our government has seen no real proof of this feat. In the past 11 years, North Korea has initiated 6 bomb tests, all with the goal of destroying the United States of States and its forces.

Huge bombs are being overtaken by smaller, more accurate, and more explosive warheads that can target anything that threatens the U.S. These bombs are revolutionizing the way bombs are used,  because now they can travel beneath the Earth, and destroy underground compounds. The U.S is adding weapons just like these to its artillery very often, and we are developing into an advanced, unstoppable, and respected country.Is it a good idea to create these new types of bombs, or are we wasting our tax money and digging a deeper hole for us as a country?