BSL; A useless law


Is BSL a useless law? For those who don’t know what BSL is, it is Breed Specific Legislation; dogs are banned or taken from their homes if they look dangerous. In my opinion, BSL is a complete safety failure. It was supposed to prevent dog bites and injuries, but the injuries have not lowered but have caused a big difference in neighborhoods around the world.

A few breeds of dogs are targeted and taken away, sometimes even put down. The most dog breed targeted by BSL is the Pitbull. Pitbulls are targeted most because of their horrible history, but Pit Bulls are mainly dangerous when people train them to fight or do things to them for the wrong. Pitbulls are a very good type of breed. They can be trained fairly well and are excellent family dogs. They were bred to fight, but they are still kind and loyal. Even though dog fighting is banned from the united states, government officials still think they can be dangerously unpredictable. Pit bulls are a type breed that can look like a variation of other dogs, which makes it hard for people to tell what breed it is. Pitbulls are also very muscular and look physically dangerous which makes them targets for BSL. No matter if the dog is dangerous or not, if it looks dangerous it will be taken away.

A few Pitbull owners who have BSL active in their area are at risk to them being taken away from them. A pit bull who stood by her injured owner while their house was on fire is now losing her home. Not to the fire itself, but to BSL. The fire, which happened on an early Wednesday, was at a house in Landover Hills, Maryland. That’s in Prince George’s County, which has an active BSL law. Firefighters told a local NBC worker that the dog stayed calm, even after a fire extinguisher was thrown at he, to get her out of the way so that the owner could be retrieved from the burning house. Outside, the dog still stayed close until being taken away by animal control, along with a rat terrier and a pit bull puppy. Two people, a woman and her father were hurt. Both are expected to recover, according to NBC; And once they have, the rat terrier will be able to go home. Since of PG County’s breed ban, however, the two pit bulls must “be taken outside the county,” Rodney Taylor, Prince George’s County’s animal services facility association director said. Pit bull bans like BSL have been denounced by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Bar Association, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and even the White House. So if some societies prevent BSL, why doesn’t Maryland?

BSL is a failure to decrease dog bites and protect public safety because pit bulls aren’t always the ones causing issues, and the government doesn’t notice that all muscular dogs aren’t dangerous.In June 2008, the Dutch government announced the repeal of their 15-year-long ban on pit bulls due to its failure to ensure public safety. Dog bites continued to rise in spite of the ban. The United Kingdom’s Dangerous Dog Act bans the American Pit Bull Terrier and three other breeds of dogs and their crossbreeds. Yet reports from the U.K. indicate that dog bites requiring hospital treatment have not decreased. Rather, 4,328 dog bites were reported. Denver’s ban on “pit bulls” has been in place since 1989, and has long been touted as a success by a handful of Denver officials, but it turns out that the results of the ban have been unclear. Here is a table showing Denver’s effects.


Since the ban, there has been… But…
no fatal attack by a pit bull Fatal attack by a chow mix
fewer bites by pit bulls Dog bites by all types of dogs have declined
fewer pit bull-related complaints Pit bull population is not believed to have decreased in Denver
Thousands of “pit bull”-looking dogs have been killed by animal control for no reason other than appearance.
Bites by other types of dogs now exceed the number of bites by pit bull types

Is BSL and banning Pit Bulls really going to increase public safety?

BSL is an extremely useless law that tears families apart and kills innocent dogs, such as pitbulls. Some countries are now taking down their law of BSL and pitbull bans noticing that they don’t prevent or help anything. If someone adopts a pitbull in the wrong area, their dog might be targeted to BSL. AT this point, what do you think. IS BSL helpful, or a terrible failed act of protection?