Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain

You are heading up an unbound chair lift in main lodge and see a man flying down the superpipe. You squint and see it is Shaun White, an Olympic gold medalist, training at Mammoth. Mammoth Mountain straddles the southwest rim of Long Valley Caldera From here Mammoth is northeast and in Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth Mountain was founded by Dave McCoy in the 1940s, and goes up to 11,059 feet. Mammoth gets so much snow from its very high altitude. Mammoth can get up to 40 ft of snow.

Dave McCoy noticed that the snow was better at Mammoth Mountain, so he set up a rope tow in 1942. McCoy eventually got a used chairlift. McCoy and a small group of skiers, had to work very hard and dig holes, mix concrete and install the lift on their own by Thanksgiving 1955. Now so many people come to Mammoth and it is very poplular her in

Mammoth mountain has not always been a place to hit the slopes because it was once a volcano. It is the largest post-caldera volcanic cone in the Long Valley area. During the time interval when Mammoth Mountain was active, a series of effusive eruptions from vents. The mountain was built by a series of approximately twenty-five separate eruptive episodes between 100,000 and 51,000 years ago.

Now the present day Mammoth consists of many things to if you are a beginner you can take lesson to learn the basics, but if you are more advanced you can join the Mammoth Mountain Snowboard Ski Team or the (MMSST). There are so many teams there snowboard teams, such as  the mini shredder for 6-8, the intro team for 9 and up, also the development team for better 9 and up kids. They also have the junior team for 13 and up, and a homeschool team for anyone. There best team, the elite team, for older kids and that is just snowboarding there is so much more there is to do for skiing there are 7 alpine teams and 4 free ski teams. If you want to go off with your family or alone, there terrian parks or a trick park. They also have greens for beginners, blues for intermediates, blue-blacks for more advanced, blacks for experts, and double-blacks for amazing shredders. They also have competitions for the kids on the teams. You can do anything you want with such a big mountain, and there is so much to do. Mammoth Mountain even has a grand prix, which is a slopestyle event for the qualifications to the olympics.
Mammoth is a wonderful mountain for all people, for the crazy people in the terrain park, or the beginners on the bunny hills. It is a good mountain all around. Mammoth is the best mountain for all the stuff it has in the winter. Whenever I go to Mammoth i always have the time of my life.