Is Paper Dragging Us Down?

Is Paper Dragging Us Down?

Is Paper Dragging Us Down? Every human being has some sort of connection to the online world that we can not possibly live without, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We often find ourselves in a different world with all this technology.  But when it comes to school,we’re not allowed to use the device that holds our life in it. We start to become physically attached with our devices, and when we get to school we become a whole new person actually communicating with the world, face to face. We use less technology than other schools, and we may not be keeping up with the way the world is changing.

But are these changes to ourselves helping us or breaking us? Maybe that’s one reason people don’t like school as much as people in other locations such as Manhattan Beach do? In Manhattan Beach Middle School, the students use technology for everything they do. They use iPads for homework, notes, projects etc. They have the option of buying an iPad or renting one from the school to use for their middle school years. We use the same schedule as MBMS, why not their same learning environment. So why is it we are old fashioned and use paper and pencil while they are ahead of the time and using all the technology, eliminating all paper and pencils.

Obviously people prefer technology over paper. Let’s take using reminder binders for example, people are always losing them or misplacing them which is bad because they hold important reminders and our service points. If we were to eliminate reminder binders/ paper, we would have less problems because a lot more people would remember to bring their technology over their reminder binder.

Some critics says that technology is bad, technology makes learning worse but does it really? A collection of 900 experts interviewed for the Pew Internet report,The Future of the Internet IV, were asked their views on how the Internet is affecting us–now and in another 10 years. Most felt that the Internet can and would improve our reading, writing, and overall collection of knowledge.

According to Janna Anderson, study-co author and director of the Imagining the Internet Center said, “Three out of four experts said our use of the Internet enhances and augments human intelligence, and two-thirds said use of the Internet has improved reading, writing, and rendering of knowledge.¨ Some people would disagree and still think that technology is not improving brains or helping with academic careers.

Schools such as ours could improve with the technology usage by allowing students to take notes, do projects, homework etc. on iPads. It can solve many problems such as not losing our papers, sloppy writing, and wasting paper. I would like to see the school improve on better school days by using technology and eliminating the unwanted tools.


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