Video Games: Helpful or Harmful



You’re running down the street with gun in a hand, being chased by cops, and shooting many people. Bam! Bam! Bam! Now they´are dead, but will this really affect you? Yes, it can. It has happened before that video games have an influence on us. Violent video games do have an affect on us, whether it is good or bad. A video game can help our brain grow in the hippocampus, which is the control center of emotion, memory, and the nervous system and the prefrontal cortex implicated in a variety of complex behaviors, including planning, and greatly contributes to personality development. Schools use games to help their students. Some schools use Minecraft, the military uses a games called America’s Army, and we use Stack the States. These games and now that it will not affect them, it will teach them.

Once a man named Adam Lanza killed twenty-six people at a school. When another man saw his face he recognized him he said that he worked at a movie theater, and he never saw a movie, he just played in the arcade for ten hours a night and it “inspired,” him. Particular video games can have bad consequences. For example, violent video games increase aggressive thoughts, behavior and feelings.

Several lines of research suggest that playing video games can lead to different types of benefits. For example, the Department of Education found evidence of games that help visual attention. Also, games with teamwork can help build people’s skills. Video games have little effect on fearlessness of death. Also playing too many of these games can result in poor grades. Once, a kid was a big gamer and he played games for most of his life. When he went to college, he had to drop out, but he did not tell his parents. He went to another friend’s house until he finally got caught when his mom came over to his friend’s house. He had lumps on his back and was addicted to video games.

Video games can help problem solving skills with rapid puzzles, also decision making, fast analytics and alert, and nimble thinking with the action packed fast paced video games.  It also helps Moving Quickly, But Accurately with the shooting gun games, Anticipation Strategy with ¨telescoping¨.

Some video games can be helpful in schools such as educational games and the army with simulation games but having people play games that will not be good for then should not be sold to kids.