Fantastic Futbal

Fantastic Futbal

Have you ever watched a player rush down a field pushing his limits to reach the ball in hope to produce a , use skills to break past a defender, deliver a cross, and have a teammate deliver a smashing volley which smashes into the back of the net? The word futbal originates from the word “foot” which is the main body part used in the sport. The game consists of 11 players; 10 on the field and 1 in goal. At the beginning of the match, the game is started with a kick off. The objective of the game is to score more than the opponent. After 90 minutes, the end of the match, you want to come out with more points. The team with the most goals wins.

This game is the most popular sport in the world; over 200 countries play the game at a professional level, and 213 teams compete at a national level!  Many nations have their own leagues and cups, such as England with the Premier league, America with the MLS, and Spain with La Liga, but many leagues have different playing styles and all different skill levels.

Some of the best players to ever take the soccer pitch were Neymar da’ Silva Santos, Lionel Messi, Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. These players have the best offensive play in the world.  The best offensive play consists of quickness, awareness, and vision on the ball, and movement off the ball. Players that have the swiftest reactions to a defenders foot, or a bouncing pass learn their skills when they are children. For example, many children in South America  play street soccer. This helps them develop reactions to small things such as an uneven surface, potholes, and small, cramped spaces. These skills are later used on the field, but instead of a pothole or an uneven surface, the obstacle is a defender’s foot. This is why the best play-makers and scorers, like Messi and Neymar, are produced from the Americas.

There are many tricks attackers use to get past an opposing player. One example of a trick attackers use to mislead a player is a rainbow. A rainbow, a difficult skill to accomplish during a game, is designed to flick the ball over you and the opposing player and come back into your possession, you can then resume your charge down field. Though their are many other tricks that confuse defender’s minds, for example: helicopters, ronaldo chops, stepovers, scissors, and anything else imaginable that can mislead a player.

Down into your possession after you have passed the player. A helicopter is used to spin past a player and continue your run towards goal. Ronaldo chops are an efficient way to change direction if you are being pressured. A stepover is designed to make an opposing player go one way, so you can go the other. The stepover is when you step over the ball, and pretend to pass but step in front of the ball, then drag it back quickly. This skill gives the illusion to the other team that you are going to pass the ball, so they anticipate a pass, but they are mislead, which gives you an advantage to attack. A scissor is when you circulate your feet around the ball in a circle.  This puts the opponent off balance, then you can slip by them and advance towards the goal.

Tricks, pace, aggressiveness, a strong mentality, vision, and quick reactions are all part of a great offensive player. Soccer is a beautiful sport that many people love. If you try it, you to will fall under its spell.