Aloha Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii


What makes Hawaii a tourist attraction with nearly 8 million travelers —7,998,815 to be exact, visiting? Some of the things that caused this to occur was the beautiful climate, scenery, culture, and surfing/boogie boarding. Why were these things so interesting?


To begin, let’s start with a little bit of Hawaiian history. This landform formed from a hot spot underground that created volcanoes that came out of the sea and rose to the sky. As the hot spot began to move, new volcanoes formed and cooled to a chain of islands. When these volcanic islands cooled,  vast, rocky, and luscious green landscapes formed. According to a Wikipedia writer in, the first Hawaiians arrived in Hawaii in the 4th century. After they settled down, they founded a sport we still enjoy today, he’e nalu, or surfing. Even though this sport was spread around the world, its birthplace was still prized by surfers. Its gigantic waves provided surfers challenges and exciting rides. Pipeline is a place where many surfers love to surf. Here waves can reach up to twenty-two feet high. This beach is an example of why surfers still love Hawaii because its gigantic waves and dangerous reefs make it possible for only the best to conquer. This is another reason why people love to go to Hawaii.

Hawaii is also an extremely beautiful place. When the volcanoes cool they leave rocky and nutritious soil. Over time ginormous mountains, canyons, and vast fields of bright luscious grasses and trees form. This created hike routes all over Hawaii, getting people like me to wander over the land to explore the wonders of Hawaii. One of the greatest and most exciting hikes in the Hawaiian islands is the Waimea canyon hike. Waimea is located in Kauai. Because it was created by a river, it is much like the Grand Canyon. When I visited these canyons I saw the beautiful water carved mountains that I seemed to be towering above, but I find Waimea canyon more amazing because it is full color and waterfalls. This is something The Grand Canyon doesn’t have.

Hawaii is a beautiful place. This island is full of many exciting activities; it is impossible for many people not to visit. Each year, millions of people of all ages come for things like surfing, hikes, and amazing culture. Will one of those people be you?


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