Shredding the Waves with Algae





When you hear algae, do you think of the gross stuff in the ocean, but did you know that they made a surfboard out of it? The Arctic Foam is a surfboard made with algae. Arctic Foam worked with University of California scientists to make this board. The board is made with algae, and they use this because it grows fast, consumes carbon dioxide, thrives in wastewater and saltwater, has high biofuel yields, and does not compete with food production. It is made with algae to make a clean environment. They use algae in the middle then they used fiberglass on the outside. Many famous people surf the algae board. Many surfers say they like it, such as Kelly Slater, Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds, etc. The head business was happy to work with the department of University California San Diego or  UCSD. Many people want to keep the environment clean, so they support the Arctic Foam surfboard

The Arctic Foam board is made of fiberglass on the outside, and algae in the middle. They wanted to make a more ocean-friendly board. Three years ago, Arctic Foam made the commitment to create environmentally friendly solutions to replacing petrochemicals which is a gas from natural oils , in the surfboard building process. They need it to make the budget over the average surfboard because it is such a special board.The project took several months and hard work. The algae is a cool idea says local surfers in San Diego. As surfers more than any other sport, you are totally connected and immersed in the ocean environment. At least at its core, comes from a sustainable, renewable source.

“World’s Smart Cities: San Diego” documentary is a the program that features innovations from U.C. San Diego and the algae surfboard. To get good high quality algae they got help from the California Center for Algae Biotechnology, or “Cal-CAB”.  The board has not yet been placed in public. They tried to replace the toxins in . Surf culture has a long and colorful history of influencing pop culture. Today’s ocean activists are hoping they’ll inspire the next generation to cherish and protect the coastal environment. “It’s not rocket science; it’s kind of regular science,” Stewart said. Surfboards are regularly made with polyurethane and it is not very good for the earth Also this board was shown to the governor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer on earth day. Now every surfboard manufacture should make their boards out of algae to save the environment.  

This board is a good idea because I like to go to the ocean and It is good how it is now. I would like it because it is a cool idea and It does not look like that bad of a board. You can not get this board currently, because the board that they just made is a prototype.