The Truth About Chocolate Chair

The Truth About Chocolate Chair




Years have gone by and nobody has heard about it. This is the place where everyone wants to be. Chocolate Chair is located in Downtown LA.  It is a small cafe located right beside The Face Shop at Madang which is a cosmetics and beauty store. It is a bustling Asian sweet shop featuring liquid nitrogen ice cream, shakes, organic coffee, and other frozen concoctions. The liquid nitrogen allows you to eat the desserts while the liquid nitrogen comes out from your mouth. When you eat the liquid nitrogen you will not taste anything besides the sweet taste of the desserts.


Chocolate Chair is famous for their dragon breath desserts. So people might be wondering what actually is dragon’s breath? Dragon breath is ice cream with liquid nitrogen, which gives off a thick fog. The liquid nitrogen is tasteless, but holding it in your hand can give you a cold burn. If you use it carefully, it can be pretty cool to blow from your mouth.  


There’s always some type of new fad happening in Los Angeles. First, there was the liquid nitrogen ice cream and now you got this: a cereal-like concoction known as “dragon’s breath.” If you’re thinking you will be spitting out fire like dragons on an episode of Game of Thrones, you will be thoroughly disappointed. Instead, you inhale a fair amount of dry ice into your mouth that is too cold to keep your mouth closed . When you eat the dessert the liquid nitrogen will come out from your mouth also known as dragon breath. This new form of ice cream replaces eating ordinary with much more pleasure and fun. With regular ice cream you just enjoy the taste of sweetness melting in your mouth, but with liquid nitrogen ice cream you can enjoy the sweetness while acting as a dragon with dragons breath.


But Is this new form of ice cream bad for you? Liquid nitrogen is a powerful and potentially dangerous form of nitrogen that freezes the water content of food and beverages within seconds. Unfortunately, liquid nitrogen can actually be dangerous if it is not handled properly. If some of the nitrogen remains in the product either as a gas or as a liquid, it can cause serious internal damage. The ice cream at Chocolate Chair is not harmful to customers or any employee. With liquid nitrogen the most common way to get hurt is a cold burn, but customers are not touching the nitrogen desserts with their hands. Chocolate Chair provides sticks to eat the nitrogen dessert to prevent any cold burn or harmful effects.

In addition to its popularity in the ice cream manufacturing business, liquid nitrogen has become a popular tool in high-end restaurants and bars. Chefs and bartenders use the substance to flash-freeze items and create a unique display of fog as the liquid nitrogen is exposed to air. When everything works properly, the liquid nitrogen is not a hazard. However, the substance can cause significant harm if it is not properly handled in the kitchen, or if some of the liquid nitrogen escapes into the atmosphere and turns to gas. As the BBC reported, a British teen had to have her stomach removed after she drank a cocktail that contained liquid nitrogen, and a lab worker died of asphyxiation after a liquid nitrogen spill in the lab. Liquid nitrogen is only harmful to us when it is not used correctly.


Overall, Chocolate Chair is a pretty cool concept but I think it can get old pretty quickly. There’s nothing special about the taste other than the fact that you can breath out liquid nitrogen from your mouth by eating a dessert. Is it worth a try? Totally! Would I go out of my way to go there? Yes, because you are not living until you have tried something new. Something that can make you see life differently.


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